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Backpack for Children Small Friend Willi Whale

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Willie the whale sails the waters of the world.

Art. No.
Blue, White
17 x 11 x 25 cm (W/D/H)
approx. 200 g
approx. 4 liter


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1rubber teeth

You can store essentials such as woolly hats easily and securely between my elasticated rubber teeth.

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2Reflective straps

A dazzling smile and my reflective straps are all you need to make sure others can see you in the dark.

3Carry Handle

The Affenzahn kindergarten backpack has a reinforced handle, perfect for hanging on a hook at home, nursery, or kindergarten.

4Soft shoulder pads

Can you give me a lift on your back? The Affenzahn kindergarten backpack is easy for little shoulders to carry with soft and velvety straps covered in velour.

5yellow push-in clips

Snap and press straps. The Affenzahn chest strap clasp is so easy to open and close. The little colored clips will help you to open the clasp even faster.

6Height-adjustable chest strap

Hold it right there! The height of the chest strap is adjustable so that the straps will stay on your shoulders and your snack box is kept safe, even on the wildest of adventures.