Robust stainless steel

I’m durable, made from 18/8 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant. I want to be your friend until you’ve grown up and then you’re welcome to recycle me! One of stainless steel’s most attractive characteristics is that it’s 100% recyclable.

Free from plastic, BPA and phthalates

Hurray – it’s time to celebrate! I’m completely free from toxic substances and 100% BPA free!

Dishwasher safe

Don’t worry about putting me in the dishwasher. It’ll keep me extra clean.
Though washed by hand using warm water my Affenzahn print can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Odorless and tasteless

Because I’m made from stainless steel, your drink will taste and smell just as it should. I don’t emit or absorb any substances either, even if your drink is slightly acidic.

Ergonomic design for little hands

My shape is extra well-suited to your little hands. Opening and closing my valve cap also helps you refi ne your motor skills.

With Big Mouth TM top suitable for:

  • still drinks: Let your ideas overflow but not your drink. Not suitable for carbonated drinks.
  • cold drinks
  • snacks