Long weekend or just fancy a short break with your family?

Discover our collected ideas for a great time with the kids. Whether it's a farm, amusement park or even a big city - many destinations are just made for a short holiday with children.

Short trip with children: Where to go?

Probably all children like to travel: discover foreign places, maybe meet new friends, spend a lot of time with mum and dad - that's always a great experience. If you're collecting ideas for a short trip with children, the first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of trip you're most interested in.

Do you want to go into the peaceful nature or do you like action? Do you want to spend a lot of time together - or do you secretly dream that the kids are busy while you indulge in a wellness treatment? There are many possibilities. It's great when the whole family decides together what they feel like doing. In the best (and probably rare) case this even works unanimously.

Holidays with children on the adventure farm

The choice has fallen on peaceful days in nature? Then, adventure farms are a great choice. They are suitable either for a day trip with children or for several days if accommodation is available. Little explorers can spend a lot of time with animals here: Feed the lambs, stroke the donkeys, go horse back riding on the ponies.

There are even holiday farms where you can spend the night in the hay - a huge adventure. Or the family can camp on a farmer's meadow, which is also often offered. If you want a little more luxury, there are farms where beautiful rooms or holiday apartments can be rented. And some farms even have a spa area for the parents - so here everyone gets his money's worth.

City trip with children in Germany

Going to the big city with kids? At first glance, this may not sound particularly relaxed. But it's worth thinking about it again - child-friendly city trips are popular with many families. Getting there is often uncomplicated, you can take the train, for example: That alone is an adventure for the kids.

In addition, city trips offer many possibilities if the short vacation with children unfortunately falls on a rainy weekend. Children's museums, aquariums and indoor playgrounds are just a few examples. In some German cities there are even special city tours for families - here exciting stories are told quite differently than on a normal sightseeing trip.

Are you planning a city trip with children? Then it's great to pick out playgrounds, ice cream parlours and parks that you can visit when the weather is fine. All kids love these destinations - no matter in which city.

Ideas for day trips with children

You want to enjoy a long weekend with children, but don't want to go directly on vacation? Then day trips are a good alternative. Surely there are many exciting destinations near you: An adventure zoo where you can spend a whole day? An amusement park that also offers attractions for kids of the appropriate age?

In bad weather, an open-air pool is also a good idea: Here the whole family can spend a day in the water, on the slide and perhaps also relax in the sauna in between. Of course, such a day trip can also be extended to a short holiday: There is certainly a nice and cosy hotel nearby, where you can spend a night - and it can already feel like a holiday.

Holidays with children: Tips for the organization

The adventure begins long before the actual start: at the latest when the little travellers start packing their children's suitcases or their own wash bag. Of course, they can always use a little help - but they enjoy packing their clothes, their favourite cuddly toys and the games they absolutely must come along with.

If you are planning a short trip with children on a long weekend, it is best to make sure that the journey is not too long. After all, it quickly becomes boring to sit in the car for hours. And especially on public holidays, the streets are full.

For the journey (by train or car) you can think about games, audiobooks and beautiful children’s books in advance. So hopefully the trip will pass quickly - and maybe even completely without the frequently asked question: “When will we finally be there?”

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