New Collection Spring/Summer 19

The stage is set for the new Affenzahn arrivals: Discover new models of the pencil cases and kids' wallets in the familiar Affenzahn style. Also new in are the hip bags for big adventurers with small luggage and pre-school bags in A4 size.
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Great Features

Embroidered details: Affenzahl wholeheartedly honors diversity! Each embroidery is lovingly handmade, so that every bag is very special and unique, just like every child.

Carrying handle: Notebook out, test? Anyone who likes to play teacher can hold its children's bag by the practical handle and come into the room with a stern look on their face. And then laugh out loud.

Pull-out tongue with name label: When the Cartable sticks out its tongue, it's not being sassy but informative instead: The pull-out tongue has space for names and/or addresses.

Hook and loop closure: The bag stores children's things safely – and always keeps the peace: It has a practical hook and loop closure so that the contents can get in and out quickly.

Printed reflective elements: Children want to be seen and show off what they have! This bag, for example. It has printed reflective elements for even better safety and visibility.

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Pencil Case

The Affenzahn pencil cases get three new friends: Karla Koala, Olivia Owl and Ulrike Unicorn. The large compartment offers infinite space for wax crayons, pencils and felt-tip pens as well as all other pens to relax from painting. To some, to stick out the tongue is too colorful, but it actually can't be colorful enough. The nameplate on the tongue is looking forward in any case to children's names in many colors.


Kids Wallet

Brand new to the show are Olina Owl and Karla Koala. The wallet is not only practical, but also stores any children's treasures in its treasure compartment with zipper cheerfully and safely at the same time. Money in, tongue out. If the treasure gets lost, the name tag on the pull-out tongue helps with a reference to the owner. The practical click catch clasp on the cord comes loose as soon as the child's wallet gets stuck somewhere.

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