Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks or even lifehacks are probably a big topic in every family in order to make the everyday family life as relaxed as possible. Here you will regularly find new and exciting articles to keep your little adventurers at bay.


Kimi Koala_according to e_nursery
There are cuddly toys, building blocks and books everywhere - your own child is hardly to be seen because of all the chaos. The typical sight of a children's room, but at one time or another order has to be restored. How does that work? Even with the help of the kids?
When you're out and about with bag and baggage, one challenge follows another. All the more important that you know the folllowing travel tips.
An interview with our Affenzahn Shoe Developer Judith Hörstensmeyer on: „Why childrens feet don't need cushioning in their shoes“

When do children need pocket money? How do they understand how expensive certain things are - and that they can't buy everything at once? These tips will help you educate your kids financially.
Schluss mit Schlaufen! Mit den Affenzahn Schnürsenkeln mit Schnellverschluss sitzen künftig Schuhe perfekt am Fuss, ganz ohne Schlaufenbinden. Aber wie wie bringst du die Schnürsenkel am Schuh an? Erfahre alles Schritt für Schritt mit dieser Anleitung.