Hi..he....hello. I'm Mighty Monster. There are some people who are convinced that I'm just a backpack because I carry things and have very soft shoulder pads.

I think that's only half true: I also have a great nose for mischief (even though I don't have a nose!) They're right about the backpack part, though. But do you know something?

I have expandable teeth. And reflective eyes. You can hang stuff from my ears. You can unroll my hair. I'm made from 100% organic cotton and..and..and....!

Now do I sound like a backpack or like someone fun that can carry stuff too? See? I told you so! I'm so glad that we're friends.
Your friend the Monster


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1Roll-up hair

My crazy rolled-up hair helps you train your motor skills and keeps your things extra safe.

2Versatile ears

Hold on to my ears or hang your things from them – please, I insist!

3Reflective eyes

Shine a little light on me and my eyes will shine back at you with maximum brightness. I think that looks friendly – and nice and safe!

4Monster fabric

I’m not made from sugar but from 100% organic cotton. That’s why I don’t even have to close my eyes when I’m being washed by hand.

5Expandable teeth

Woolly hats, cuddly toys, and sticks – all your valuables will be in safe hands, or should I say...in safe teeth. Heehee!

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6Cuddly shoulder strap pads

My shoulder pads are so snuggly, your shoulders will think they've been given their very own cuddly toy.

7Reflective friend keeper

If you want me to hug you even more tightly, simply adjust my chest strap.

8Yellow power points

Want me to look my best? Or perhaps you want to get rid of me for a while? Simply press the ultra-yellow dots to unfurl my roll-up hair or release my chest strap.

9Hanging strap

When I'm taking a break, I love being hung up on a hook or being carried by a grown-up.

10Name tag (inside)

Write your name here so that everyone knows that we're friends. It also means I can find you more quickly if we happen to lose each other.


Parents Bag

Parents Bag

Ruckzuck nimmt die Parents Bag für Mütter und Väter den Monster Freunde Rucksack Huckepack.



Das ist besonders praktisch, wenn Kinder einmal keine Lust haben, ihren Kinderrucksack selbst zu tragen.



So haben alle die Hände frei, um vor Freude zu klatschen.