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1Embroidered Details

Find endearing little differences and loving attention to detail. Each WALKI is finished by hand, adding an individual touch to each little WALKI face.

2Front pocket

Fill up my tummy! There is even more space for useful things, such as a packet of tissues, in the tummy pocket on the front of your WALKI backpack.


Is it dark? I can see you! Your WALKI has reflectors so that your friends can still find you in the dark.

4Outside pockets with hook and loop fastening

I’m all ears! There’s lots of space to store even more things in the ears of your WALKI. The hook and loop fastenings on these side pockets make them really easy to open and close.


Room for one more? Do you want to take your favourite cuddly toy with you today? No problem! Adjust your WALKI clasps to carry whatever you want by releasing or pulling the straps.

6Pull-out tongue

Cheeky! Your WALKI can stick out its tongue out and reveal the name of its best friend – you! Write your name on the label on the tongue and your WALKI will always find it's way back to you.

7Reinforced base

Stay high and dry, even in bad weather. The WALKI has a reinforced base for standing upright, even on bumpy ground. The inside of the rucksack stays nice and dry thanks to the water-repellent and dirt-repellent material.

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8Rain cover pocket with zip and clip

Unsettled weather is no problem for your WALKI. When it’s sunny, the rain cover can simply be stowed and zipped away in the top pocket. There’s even a clip to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

9Foldaway Mat

Take a break! When it’s time for a picnic or a little break, the foldaway mat in the back pocket of the WALKI is ready for action any time.

10Mat pocket with see-through panel

Got everything? The see-through panel will help you to keep an eye on things. Can you see the Affenzahn logo? Then the mat is in the right place.

11Soft shoulder pads

Can you give me a lift on your back? The WALKI is easy for little shoulders to carry with soft and velvety straps covered in velour.

12Ergonomic back padding

For a perfect fit, the back padding is ergonomically designed to mould to shape. The WALKI can be carried all day in comfort.

13Heigth-adjustable chest strap

Hold me tight! Thanks to the height-adjustable chest strap, the straps remain on the shoulders even during the wildest of adventures. The clasp can be opened and closed easy-peasy.

14Colored push-in clips on chest strap clasp

Snap and press. The Affenzahn chest strap clasp is so easy to open and close. The little coloured clips will help you to open the clasp even faster.

Included in the walki set

Foldaway Mat

Foldaway Mat

Take a break! When it’s time for a picnic or a little break, the foldaway mat in the back pocket of the WALKI is ready for action any time

Cinch bag

Cinch bag

Like to stay nice and clean? Cinch bag to the rescue from yucky mud! You can use it for muddy leggings for example, to keep the inside of your WALKI clean. Very handy, don’t you think?

Rain Cover

Rain Cover

Hurry, it’s raining! This rain cover is the perfect protection for your WALKI in wet weather.