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Like a loss protector for backpacks, the rolltop ensures
that nothing gets lost when packing and unpacking.


If the parent is already carrying something on their
back (such as a child), this handle comes in handy.

3High-speed zipper

When things need to happen quickly (say hunger
has struck or some mail has arrived from grandma),a
zipper has been hidden behind the rolltop for
extra-fast access.

4Main compartment partition

The main compartment is conveniently divided so that
items for work and family don’t get mixed up.


Parents are very much like superheroes: They can be
called on any time of day and to respond to their child’s
every whim. These reflectors help them when it’s dark.

6Height-adjustable straps

Parents of different sizes who like to share everything
in their everyday lives love to be supported in this case
by height-adjustable straps.

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7Connecting links

At last! Free hands (and handlebars): These
buckles hold the Monster Friends backpack super
firmly in place.

8Inside pocket

Things that children aren’t supposed to find right away
can be easily and securely set aside in the inside


Parents Bag

Parents Bag

Ruckzuck nimmt die Parents Bag für Mütter und Väter den Monster Freunde Rucksack Huckepack.



Das ist besonders praktisch, wenn Kinder einmal keine Lust haben, ihren Kinderrucksack selbst zu tragen.



So haben alle die Hände frei, um vor Freude zu klatschen.