From Bottle to Bag

Our products use fabrics that are made from 50% recycled PET bottles. A Large Friend consists of 6 bottles (0.5l) and a Small Friend of 3 bottles (0.5l). In comparison to conventional production methods, this method reduces waste water output by 20%, energy consumption levels by 50% and pollutant emissions by 60%.

1. PET bottles are collected & sorted

The empty PET plastic bottles are collected and taken to a recycling plant. Once there, the clear bottles are selected to undergo recycling.

2. The bottles are crushed & washed

The bottles are crushed into PET flakes. These are then washed in a water bath.

3. Pellets are made

The PET flakes are melted down and mixed thoroughly. The hot mass is then formed into thick fibers that are cut into 3 mm pellets.

4. The thread is spun

The pellets are melted again, drawn into long fibers and spun into thread. The finished thread is wound onto spools and transported to the weaving mill.

5. The fabric is woven & printed

Weaving The thread is placed in sophisticated weaving machines and woven into white lengths of fabric.

Printing Patterns are then printed onto the lengths of fabric and both sides are coated to make the fabric water-repellent.

6. The product made

Cutting The fabric is then cut into sewing patterns. These patterns are laid out so that the fabric is used efficiently. No usable fabric scraps are used for padding.

Sewing The pieces of fabric cut from the patterns are then used to sew our wonderful product.