Christmas Colouring Pictures

You might have already discovered our Colourful Friends but with the colder season approaching, we thought our animal friends would also need some fitting equipment and surroundings. Grab your pencils and get creative!

Affenzahn Winter Wonderland

The change of seasons also happen in our Affenzahn world. Winter is coming and therefore we are always looking for some activities that families and kids are able to do inside. Of course, spending time outside is often the nicer alternative if you are equipped in such a way that cold and wet can't bother you. But even in this case there comes a time when you want to warm up inside. What better way to pastime than with our new colouring pictures?

Let your imagination run free

Discover our Koala, Bear, Dog and Tiger and find a colourful way to bring them to life. Let your imagination run free and have fun with all the different coloured pencils that you can find in your Affenzahn pencil case.

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Share your creations with @affenzahn_official and show us how you design your Affenzahn friends!

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