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Shipping & delivery

We do our best that you’ll receive your order as fast as possible. If your order includes any products which may have a longer delivery time, we will ship your order once all products are in stock. For orders with prepayment as chosen payment option, the delivery time depends on the payment receipt, which means that we ship your order as soon as we received the payment. You’ll find an overview of the expected delivery time per country in the following table.

Shipping costs & delivery time


Shipping costs 3.90 € (free shipping over 25.00 €)
DHL: 3–5 working days

Austria and France (European mainland only)

Shipping costs: 9.90 € (free shipping over 25.00 €) DPD: 3–5 working days


Shipping costs: 9,90 € (free shipping from 39,00 €)

DPD: 4–6 working days

European Union

Shipping costs: 9.90 € DPD: 4–6 working days

Shipping Countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Irland, Croatia, Lettland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (European mainland only), Czech Republic, Hungary


Shipping costs: 19,90 € DHL: 4–6 working days

For deliveries to Switzerland, additional value-added tax, duties or other charges such as customs clearance costs may occur. These costs are not included in the goods or shipping costs for end customers and may have to be paid by you to a third party when the goods are imported. The value-added tax is calculated based on the taxable value of goods – which consists of cost of goods, shipping costs, customs clearance costs and duties.

For detailed information on the customs duties, please visit the TARES calculator of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration at https://xtares.admin.ch/tares/login/loginFormFiller.do .

Shipping and handling charges

Please note that shipping and handling charges include more than just postage. They also cover transportation insurance, personnel costs for shipping employees and packaging. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Delivery time

We do our best to make sure your affenzahn products arrive at your door as quickly as possible. If the items are in stock, your order will generally arrive within the delivery time indicated below.

If individual items have a longer delivery time, your order will be shipped once all the items are in stock. If you choose bank transfer as your method of payment, we will begin the shipping process as soon as the payment is deposited to our account.


If the product does not meet your expectations, you have the option of returning it to us within the return period* of 30 days.

After receiving your return, you will be refunded using the same payment method that you used to pay for your order. Please note that a direct exchange is unfortunately not possible.

*This does not affect your statutory right of withdrawal. The details of the statutory right of withdrawal can be found under § 4 of our terms and conditions

Germany & Switzerland

(1) Please print out the following form.

(2) Print out the return slip and stick it on your package.

Return Label Germany

Return label Switzerland

All other countries

Returns outside Germany and Switzerland are at your own expense.

(1) Please print out the following form and enclose it with your parcel.
(2) In this case, send the return with sufficient postage to:

FOND OF GmbH - Returns B2C
c/o dadada GmbH
Heinrich-Barth-Strasse 16
53881 Euskirchen

Claims & spare parts

If you discover a defect in your product within the guarantee or warranty period, please send us an e-mail with a photo of the defect and the invoice to: info@affenzahn.com. We will process your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

In case of defective or lost buckles or spare parts please send a photo of the broken part as well as your shipping address to: info@affenzahn.com. If in stock, we will send you the needed spare part by post free of charge (even outside the guarantee period and without proof of purchase). The spare parts are sent by letter post with Deutsche Post, therefore there is no tracking number. After dispatch, the delivery takes approx. 4–5 working days.

Payment methods

Payment with credit card

You can pay conveniently and securely by credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Your data will be transmitted encrypted via SSL, which makes your purchase with us safe due to this high security standard.

When completing the order, a 3DS authentication is used (Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secure Code). This type of authentication ensures the particularly secure execution of transactions on the Internet via special encryption procedures.

No additional software is required for this. You will be automatically redirected to the page of your bank for payment processing. To complete the order, please follow the steps indicated there.

If you receive an error message, this may be due to the following reasons:
- The 3D Secure Code is not correct
- The bank has not authenticated the credit card
- The credit card limit is not covered

If in doubt, please contact your bank or our customer service.

Payment with PayPal

If you would like to pay via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal at the end of the order process.
Here you can log in to your existing PayPal account, register as a guest or open a new PayPal account and make the payment.
After successful payment you will be redirected back to our order overview and can complete your order. Your payment will usually be credited to our account within a few minutes and your order will be processed immediately.

Please note that by using Paypal you agree to the terms and conditions of PayPal and therefore accept the processes of Paypal.

Payment in advance

If you select the payment method "Prepayment", your order will be processed after receipt of payment.

The items will remain reserved for you until we receive your payment (maximum 10 days).

Please state your order number in the reason for payment when making your transfer. You will find this in the order confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail after purchase (it may take a few minutes until this e-mail arrives).

Our bank details:

Account holder: FOND OF GmbH
IBAN: DE45 300 600 100 000 228 030


Online warranty extension

You can conveniently extend your gurantee period online - simply fill out the form and receive one additional year of gurantee for your Affenzahn backpack.

Please note: 1. Renewal must be made within the first two years from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot consider requests received after two years from the date of purchase. 2. Keep your receipt safe, because the guarantee is only valid with the proof of purchase. The guarantee extension is only possible for Affenzahn backpacks. The rest of our Affenzahn range, especially accessories such as lunch boxes or water bottles, are excluded from the guarantee and guarantee extension.

Warranty Conditions for backpacks

Frequently asked Questions

What age are Little Friends and Big Friends for?

The Little and Big Friends by Affenzahn differ in size, weight and subdivision.

The "Little Friends" series by Affenzahn is perfect for children between 1 and 3 years. With a capacity of about 4 litres, everything that is important for the start of kindergarten fits in: from the lunch box to the favourite cuddly toy!

For older and bigger children who also go on more frequent outings, we recommend the "Big Friends". They offer about twice as much space and additional pockets - the Big Friends are suitable for children from the age of 4.

You can read a detailed size comparison in our backpack comparison.

How sustainable are the Affenzahn backpacks?

We try to develop and manufacture every product in such a way that its impact on people and the environment is as low as possible. For example, we ensure that no toxic chemicals are used in our materials and that they are manufactured in a way that conserves resources as much as possible. Our social responsibility is also important to us, for example we make sure that workers in our factories are treated well and paid fairly.

Please find more information here.

How do I clean the large friend properly?

The materials we use for our Affenzahn children's backpacks are water and dirt repellent. We use a PFC-free impregnation on the surface and a PU coating on the back. If dirt does get stuck, the children's backpacks are easy to clean. Our products can be cleaned with warm water at 40°C without any worries. We recommend that you take the term "hand wash" literally and clean our backpacks in a wash bowl (or under the shower) with a sponge cloth and a mild detergent only in the dirty areas. We do not recommend washing them in the washing machine. Especially the PU coating and the shape of the large friend could suffer from the stress of the washing machine.

Are the Affenzahn backpacks waterproof?

Our Affenzahn backpacks are water-repellent, which means that water rolls off the material. The material can withstand a light summer rain. In heavy rain, water can get through the seams, so you should protect your little or big friend from heavy rain.

I have lost my pull out tongue name tag, what can I do?

No problem, that can happen! Here you can find the name tag to print out and re-label yourself. download here


What is the Affenzahn barefoot shoe concept?

Our feet carry us throughout our lives. Many adults struggle with foot deformities and resulting posture problems or back problems, often caused by wearing the wrong shoes in early childhood. We want to do better for our own children! That's why only an ergonomic concept comes into question for our Affenzahn barefoot shoes. With our barefoot shoes, we want to lay the foundation for the healthy development of children's feet: the shoes offer enough space to grow in the toe area, the sole allows natural contact with the ground and offers maximum freedom of movement thanks to its extreme flexibility. To ensure that the shoes are also a lot of fun for the children, we also put a lot of grip into the best shape and cool extras such as a beastly good right-left distinction, easy-to-use closures and last but not least: a unique design.

What is the advantage of barefoot shoes?

Exploring the world barefoot is not only fun for children, but also the best thing for the development of their feet. Barefoot shoes are therefore ideal because they recreate this barefoot feeling. So-called minimal or barefoot shoes for children have a very thin sole and no arch ─ in other words, no difference in height between the heel and the ball of the foot. Barefoot shoes allow children to feel the ground particularly well, so they constantly receive new stimuli and their development is promoted. They are also very light and robust. Therefore, barefoot shoes are a good choice for all occasions ─ at the same time they promote the optimal development of the feet.

How do I find the right size?

Children's feet grow quickly. In order for them to grow healthily, it is important that kids wear the right shoe size at all times. If the shoes are too small and constrict the toes, this can lead to deformities or joint problems in the long run. This is because the bones of small children are still soft and they adapt quickly.

Children's shoes should also not be too big. Then the feet "swim" in the shoe, and children often cramp their toes to get enough support. So it is important to find the right size, because every foot is individual, especially in its shape.

To find the right shoe size quickly and easily, simply use our size finder. On each product detail page, you can enter the length of your child's foot in cm and the size advisor will spit out which shoe size is currently the best for your child. Please make sure that your child wears the same socks as the shoes when you measure them so that the measurement is correct.

You can also download our printable templates. More information on this topic is available here.

Are the shoes also suitable for children with wide feet?

Every child's foot is individual and varies in length, width, and height of the instep. Basically, Affenahn shoes fit the natural shape of your child's feet. For children with very wide feet, you should try whether your child stands firmly on the sole or already on the edge of the sole, which could be perceived as uncomfortable.

Are the shoes also suitable for children with narrow feet?

The width of the barefoot shoes adapts to the natural shape of the feet by using flexible materials. In addition, the shoes can be individually adapted to the child's foot using Velcro fasteners, a quick lacing system or laces, which is why children with narrower feet can also wear Affenzahn shoes. It may be helpful to put an additional insole in the shoes.

Why are there not the same sizes for all models?

It makes sense to distinguish three size ranges: 19-25 for the really little ones, beginning to walk, 26-32 for younger children and 33-37 for older children. This way, the individual models can be designed and offered in a more target group-specific way.

Are the shoes vegan?

In the Affenzahn summer collection, all Affenzahn shoes are vegan apart from the Leather Buddy. All our Affenzahn shoes from the winter collection are vegan, apart from our leather shoes (Leather Easy, Leather Buddy and Leather Dreamer) and the shoes with recycled wool (Wool Comfy and Wool Dreamer).

How does the right-left distinction work?

If the shoes are placed together with the heel, the animal flags on the back form a whole animal. If the shoes are not placed correctly, the puzzle pieces do not form a whole animal. Children learn which shoe should be placed on the right foot. On the Dreamer winter sneakers, you can distinguish right from left by putting together the words "We belong" & "Together".

Do the laces need to be retightened?

The new laces will stretch about 1 cm after the first tying. This is normal and you may need to re-tie the shoes a second time with a double knot.

How do I clean the shoes properly?

In order not to affect the longevity of the shoes, we recommend not to clean the shoes in the washing machine. Coarse dirt is best removed dry with a soft brush. If they are very dirty, you can clean them with a soft sponge and warm water. Then dry the shoes upside down (with the opening facing down) on a clothes horse. The Velcro fasteners or laces should be wide open and any insole must be removed. Please do not put the shoes on the heater because the glue can come off and leather shoes can harden as a result. For the finishing touches, you can occasionally use a cleaning agent. We recommend agents with natural ingredients.

Are the shoes mashine washable?

Often it is enough to clean the shoes with a wet sponge and detergent. We advise against cleaning the shoes in the washing machine, as this can negatively affect the longevity of the shoes.

Are the shoes already impregnated?

Affenzahn shoes are not impregnated beforehand. It is therefore helpful to impregnate the shoes with an impregnation spray adapted to the upper material before wearing them for the first time. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How is your chemical risk management organized?

In order to pay attention to environmentally friendly production from the very beginning of our value creation, we are bluesign®️ system partners. Many of our fabric and material production sites, as well as their raw material suppliers, are also bluesign® system partners. Together we want to keep the impact of the production of our products on people and nature as low as possible.

What is the best way to wash the socks?

The socks are best washed at 40 degrees. Further washing instructions can be found on the sock packaging.

Summer Shoes

Are the shoes water-repellent?

Most of the shoes in the spring and summer collection are not waterproof. Our leather shoes are wonderful for the transitional season, as they can withstand the odd puddle with the right care/waterproofing.

The exception is the Mid Sneaker Leather Dreamer. This shoe is aditionally equipped with the AffenTex membrane.

What is the material Knit?

Knit shoes are knitted shoes. The advantage of knitted shoes is that they are extremely light and flexible. This is because the knitted material fits the foot like a second skin and offers optimal wearing comfort. The knitted shoe upper of the "Lauflerner Knit Walker" provides optimal support.

What is special about the Affenzahn sandals?

The children's sandals by Affenzahn are super light and have a child-friendly design. The sole of the sandals is firmly stitched so that no sand or small stones can collect underneath. The mesh surfaces ensure optimal ventilation so that children's feet are guaranteed not to sweat even in summer.

Why do the Vegan Free sandals have laces? Is there no Velcro fastener?

Our Vegan Free sandals have both velcro and laces. The laces allow the sandals to be optimally adjusted to the child's foot so that they are neither too tight nor too wide on the instep. The velcro fastener at the heel helps to put the sandals on and take them off quickly so that they do not have to be re-laced.

Winter Shoes

When is the best time for winter shoes?

In mild temperatures, the membrane cannot unleash its full power, so if the temperature is too mild, we do not recommend our winter or snow boots, but our transitional shoes.

Are barefoot shoes suitable for the winter?

Ouf course they are! In the Affenzahn winter shoes, the sole is as minimal as possible, but as thick as necessary to protect the feet. In addition to the sole, we have given the shoes a honeycomb profile so that children have a perfect grip even in rain, snow and ice. Our 3-layer principle, consisting of water-repellent outer fabric, a specially developed waterproof, breathable membrane and the soft inner lining ensures that feet stay warm and dry.

Are the shoes water proof?

All Affenzahn shoes with the AffenTex logo are waterproof. The breathable and microporous membrane works like a sieve. Liquid water molecules are too big for the fine pores, but in the "vapour phase" they penetrate the pores. Rain and water from the outside are kept out, but sweat is transported from the inside to the outside. The shoes are not impregnated when they reach you. It is therefore helpful to impregnate the shoes with an impregnation spray that is suitable for Tex membranes before wearing them for the first time. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Regular care and subsequent impregnation support the longevity of the materials so that they remain waterproof and dirt-repellent. As a rule of thumb, if water does not bead up on the outer material, the impregnation should be refreshed.

When do children start to sweat in winter shoes?

We use breathable lining and upper material so that children's feet don't start sweating so quickly. In mild temperatures, the membrane of the winter shoes cannot unleash its full power, which is why we do not recommend our winter or snow boots in too mild temperatures, but our transition shoes, as children's feet will otherwise start to sweat.

What is the best way to care for the water proof AffenTex membrane shoes?

Affenzahn shoes are not impregnated beforehand. It is therefore helpful to impregnate the shoes with an impregnation spray adapted to the upper material before wearing them for the first time. Regular care and subsequent impregnation support the longevity of the materials. As a rule of thumb, if water does not bead up on the upper material, the impregnation should be refreshed.

Are the leather shoes waterproof and breathable?

Our leather shoes are not waterproof, but leather is naturally water-repellent. Leather has a temperature-regulating effect that would be somewhat limited by a membrane. That's why our "Buddy", for example, is also ideal as a year-round shoe; with a membrane, little feet would probably sweat in summer.

Which shoes for spring and which for winter?

Is the Warmy Walker waterproof?

The Warmy is specially designed to meet the needs of beginner runners. It has a flexible upper and elastic lacing that allows the shoe to adapt perfectly to the child's foot. We decided against a waterproof membrane for the Warmy: a membrane is an additional layer that makes the shoe significantly stiffer overall. However, flexibility is the be-all and end-all for the feet of novice runners. Your feedback has shown us that the waterproof factor is not yet so relevant for novice runners. That's why the Warmy is not waterproof, but super flexible and soft. If you need a waterproof shoe, you can find it in our other winter models like the Comfy.

Is the Warmy Walker waterproof?

The Warmy is specially designed to meet the needs of beginner runners. It has a flexible upper and elastic lacing that allows the shoe to adapt perfectly to the child's foot. We decided against a waterproof membrane for the Warmy: a membrane is an additional layer that makes the shoe significantly stiffer overall. However, flexibility is the be-all and end-all for the feet of novice runners. Your feedback has shown us that the waterproof factor is not yet so relevant for novice runners. That's why the Warmy is not waterproof, but super flexible and soft. If you need a waterproof shoe, you can find it in our other winter models like the Comfy.

Notes & Labels

Here you will find all the legal disposal instructions and labels for our products.


CE Label

The CE label is an indication that a product has been tested by the manufacturer and that it meets all EU-wide requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.


Operating instructions

To use the product, it is necessary to read the accompanying operating instructions.



The appliance must not be disposed of in household waste. Note on environmental protection: From the date of transposition of the European Directive 2012/19/EU and 2006/66/EC into national law, the following applies: electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries and accumulators must not be disposed of in household waste. and electronic devices as well as batteries and accumulators must not be disposed of in household waste. The consumer is legally obliged to return electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries at the end of their service life to the public collection points set up for this purpose or to the points of sale. The return is free of charge. All electrical and electronic equipment placed on the European market must be marked with this symbol. The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin indicates that the appliance must be disposed of properly at the end of its working life. If the appliance and its accessories have been disposed of, take this manual to the If the unit and accessories have been disposed of, dispose of this manual as waste paper. With recycling, material recycling or other forms of recycling of old appliances/batteries, you are making an important contribution, as valuable metals are contained and can thus be reused. In this way you contribute to the protection of our environment.


Battery Label

Diese Batterie darf nicht mit dem Hausmüll entsorgt werden. Das Symbol der durchgestrichenen Mülltonne ohne Balken weist darauf hin, dass die Batterie am Ende ihrer Lebensdauer ordnungsgemäß entsorgt werden muss. Sofern Batterien und Akkumulatoren zerstörungsfrei vom Altgerät getrennt werden können, sind diese separat zu entsorgen. Bei der Entsorgung sind offen liegende Kontakte von Batterien vollständig mit einem Stück Klebeband zu verdecken, um Kurzschlüsse zu verhindern. Auch wenn Batterien leer sind, kann die enthaltene Restenergie bei einem Kurzschluss gefährlich werden (Aufplatzen, starke Erhitzung, Brand, Explosion).


Lithium Battery

Attention! Coin battery, contains lithium.


Age restriction from 3 years

Caution: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which may be swallowed, choking hazard.


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