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Measure your foot in three steps and enter the foot length in the input field below to calculate your size. Please make sure that your child wears the same socks for the measurement that he/she will wear in the shoes afterwards, so that the measurement is correct.
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We recommend
Unfortunately, your feet are still too small.
Our shoes fit from a foot length of 11.0 cm.
Unfortunately, your feet are already too big.
Our shoes fit up to a foot length of 23.5 cm.
Oh, that's very short! Be sure to enter the foot length in cm.
Oh, that's very long! Be sure to enter the foot length in cm.
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For a foot length of we recommend size because this size is ideal for a foot length between and cm.

There is still a 6 mm roll-off allowance in the shoe, because the entire inner shoe length is cm.

When your feet are longer than cm, it's time for the next shoe size.

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Please check your printer settings: Set zoom/scaling to 100 % and "print without margins".

You can check whether the stencil has been printed correctly by looking at the control strip on the printout.

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(Ideal) Foot Length
Heel-To-Toe (Area)
Ø Foot Width
11,3 cm
11,0-11,6 cm
5,8 cm
11,9 cm
11,7-12,2 cm
5,9 cm
12,6 cm
12,3-12,9 cm
5,9 cm
13,3 cm
6,0 cm
13,9 cm
13,7-14,2 cm
6,1 cm
14,5 cm
14,3-14,8 cm
6,3 cm
15,3 cm
14,9-15,6 cm
6,4 cm
15,9 cm
15,7-16,2 cm
6,6 cm
16,6 cm
16,3-16,9 cm
6,7 cm
17,3 cm
17,0-17,6 cm
6,9 cm
17,9 cm
17,7-18,2 cm
7,0 cm
18,5 cm
18,3-18,8 cm
7,1 cm
19,2 cm
18,9-19,5 cm
7,3 cm
19,9 cm
19,6-20,2 cm
7,5 cm
20,6 cm
20,3-20,9 cm
7,8 cm
21,3 cm
21,0 - 21,6 cm
8,0 cm
22,0 cm
21,7 - 22,3 cm
8,2 cm
22,6 cm
22,4 - 22,9 cm
8,2 cm
23,2 cm
23,0 - 23,5 cm
8,4 cm
So misst du ganz einfach Deine Fußlänge

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Download size template to print

Frequently asked questions

My Child is beween two sizes, which size do I choose?

If your child is betweeen two sizes, we recommend to order the smaller size for narrow feet and the next bigger size for wide feet.

What does heel-to-toe area mean?

If your child's measured foot length (in cm) is within the specified heel-toe area, the corresponding shoe size is perfect. The heel-to-toe area describes the length of the foot from the longest toe to the heel.

Are the shoes also suitable for children with wide feet?

Every child's foot is individual and varies in length, width, and height of the instep. Basically, Affenahn shoes fit the natural shape of your child's feet. For children with very wide feet, you should try whether your child stands firmly on the sole or already on the edge of the sole, which could be perceived as uncomfortable.

Are the shoes also suitable for children with narrow feet?

The width of the barefoot shoes adapts to the natural shape of the feet by using flexible materials. In addition, the shoes can be individually adapted to the child's foot using Velcro fasteners, a quick lacing system or laces, which is why children with narrower feet can also wear Affenzahn shoes. It may be helpful to put an additional insole in the shoes.

Are the shoes also suitable for children with a high instep?

Thanks to the soft materials and the flexible fastener, the low boot shoes can be individually adjusted to the child's foot, so the Affenzahn shoes also fit children with a slightly raised instep.

What does the dark green area on the template mean?

This area marks the 6mm roll-off allowance. This space should be at least there in every shoe so that the children's toes are not permanently compressed and bump against the front.