Clean and care for shoes correctly

Children’s shoes have to cope with a lot: Puddles, mud and slush and climbing activities often leave their marks. But with a few tips and tricks, even hardship cases will look like new again.
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Our barefoot shoes are made for adventure. It's almost impossible to avoid getting them dirty. We will explain how to best clean and care for your shoes so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

First things first: A washing machine is a no-go for our shoes. We do not recommend washing shoes in the washing machine, as this can have a negative effect on the durability of the shoes. Instead, it's best to use a brush, sponge or cloth and mild soap to tackle the dirt. And then it’s really easy step by step:

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1. Knock off

You should first knock off very coarse dirt. Either hit the soles of the shoes against each other or the shoes individually against an edge.

2. Scrub

Now use the brush: Use it DRY to brush off coarse dirt from the sole and upper material. It's best to use a soft brush.

3. Brush off

Use a dry brush for the hook and loop closures.

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4. Wipe

Then carefully remove the dirt with a damp cloth and warm water. For more stubborn dirt, we recommend a soft sponge and a mild or curd soap. A detergent is not essential. If you do use one, we recommend using a product with natural ingredients.

5. Wait

Allow the cleaned shoes to dry opened up. The hook and loop closures or shoelaces should be wide open, and any insole must be removed. Please do not place the shoes on a heater, as the glue can loosen and leather shoes can stiffen as a result.

6. Spray

When the shoes are clean and dry, freshen up the protection with an impregnating spray suitable for the outer material.

You’re all set!

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