Affenzahn Colorful Friends

Perfect for the weekend: Our Affenzahn colouring pictures offer fun for kids and the rest of the family. Even better when the kids rediscover their own Small or Large Friend in the puzzle.

Give your Affenzahn some colour

Colouring pictures for children are always a nice freetime activity and sometimes also a nice pastime for in between. Should boredom arise or the waiting time at the doctor's or the train journey become too long, Affenzahn colouring pictures can offer a good solution. In addition, they can encourage children's creativity and logical thinking.

Let your creativity run wild

Leaving children to play alone and encouraging their creativity at the same time is the perfect mix. This way the tiger sometimes gets a green fur or even pink with blue stars. Let yours and the creativity of your child run free and surprise each other with the funniest creations and colourings.

Affenzahn Family

The family of the Small and Large Friends of Affenzahn is growing and now you can create your very own Affenzahn extended family. With the Affenzahn coloring pictures you can let your creativity run free and design the Affenzahn motive of your choice in such a way as you would like. Grab all the crayons you can find in your Affenzahn pencil case and create your own artwork for your room.

Share your creations with @affenzahn_official and show us how you design your Affenzahn friends!

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