Funny traditions and gift ideas for Easter

Colouring eggs, finding nests, enjoying chocolate bunnies: children love Easter! But what has the rabbit got to do with it? And what are kids especially happy about during this festivity? Find out where these traditions originate from.

Easter and the Easter Bunny

We all know the myth: The Easter Bunny hides colorfully painted eggs and nests in the garden. Classically, we (or our children) run full of excitement on Easter Sunday to find all the hiding places. Why a rabbit of all people is responsible for this fun on Easter? There are different explanations.

One theory says that it has to do with the fertility of the rabbits - after all, the cute animals reproduce at a rapid speed. The egg is also a symbol of fertility, which is how the connection between (Easter) eggs and rabbits developed. Already in the Middle Ages a rabbit appeared again and again when it was about Easter, so the tradition is really old.

Another explanation that has been circulating for a long time: In spring the starving rabbits always flocked to the villages and gardens to look for food. Actually, the animals were shy and did not like to come too close to people. That's why it was said that they hop into the gardens to hide eggs.

In the past, however, there were also traditions in which other animals were responsible for hiding eggs at Easter, depending on the region: In Switzerland people believed in a cuckoo, in Westphalia there was the Easter fox and in Thuringia there was a long belief that a stork brought the Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs as gifts

The connection between Easter and eggs has been existing for a long time: According to stories, already in the first century after Christ, eggs were being colored at Easter. At that time only red colour was used to remind of the shed blood of Jesus. Later the eggs became more colourful and cheerful - but the tradition of colouring remained.

Lent is also responsible for the fact that there are Easter eggs every year. For centuries people lived through a period of fasting during which eggs and egg dishes were to be avoided in addition to many other foods. That is why everyone was looking forward to finally being able to strike again at the end of Lent, i.e. at Easter.

In addition, it used to be customary to pay a so-called interest in favour of the landlord (the owner of the land on which one lives) at Easter. After Lent, there was an abundance of eggs: After all, the chickens diligently continued to lay them, while the people gave up. Therefore the interest was often paid in eggs - at Easter they were handed over everywhere.

There is no plausible explanation why the eggs are now hidden. Perhaps because it is simply much more fun to discover the hidden nests in the garden yourself?


Ideas for Easter with children

No matter which of the theories you believe in: Meanwhile Easter bunnies and Easter eggs simply belong to the festivities. Just like many beautiful traditions with which especially children experience great Easter.

Baking, handicrafts, decorating - there are many Easter rituals to prepare for the holidays together with children. It is nice to do handicrafts with children before Easter, for example colourful rabbits made of cardboard that can be hung up or set up in the apartment.

The blowing out and dyeing of eggs is also a tradition that is fun: those who are particularly concerned about the environment (and the health of the kids) can rely on natural colours. You can buy them for example in organic shops or you can make them yourself from fruits and leaves. It is also great to bake with children before Easter. Delicious mini cakes in the form of Easter lambs or small rabbits made of yeast dough are popular.

Beautiful gifts for children at Easter

Probably all kids are looking forward to looking for hidden eggs and whole nests at Easter. Of course, chocolate bunnies are part of it, but they don't always have to be sweets. Even small gifts go down very well.

A great little gift idea for example would be a small accessory by Affenzahn like one of these cheeky little hipbags that you'll find in different styles. Tiger, Unicorn, Koala or one of the other animals. You can decide which one of them would provide the perfect hiding spot for all those chocolate eggs that you might have found during the easter egg hunt ;) And of course it will not be only in style at Easter but also on any other day of the year.

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