How to attach Affenzahn laces with cordlock

No more loops! Once the shoelace's quick-release fastener is in place, all you have to do is pull the shoelace ends and the shoes sit perfectly on the foot. But how to attach the laces? Find a step by step instruction below.

Step by step instructions

1st step – Threading Thread laces into the shoe. Press the quick release fastener and pull both ends of the laces through it. (button toward the shoe, openings downward)

2nd step – Adjust quick release fastener Tighten the laces and slide the quick release fastener upward. This works best when the shoe is on the foot. Pull the end pieces through the laces.

3rd step - Place knots Place a knot approximately 5 cm below the quick release fastener on each side.

4th step - Shorten laces Cut the shoelaces below the knots with scissors.

5th Step - Install end caps Slide the end pieces of the laces down so that the knots disappear into them. The end pieces are then closed with the end caps.

Step 6: You are ready for loop-free adventures now. With the help of the quick release fastener you can easily tighten and open up the laces.

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