Affenzahn Name Tags

Our Affenzahn name tags are the perfect solution for a stressful morning at the kindergarten. This way you and your kids will always know where their Affenzahn belongs.

Kindergarten Coat Rack

There is a lot going on at the coat rack in the kindergarten, especially in the mornings when the kindergarten starts, and to keep track of where your belongings belong, we have the perfect solution for all the Affenzahn fans and owners among you. So that your child always knows where his Small or Large Friend belongs, we have a little help for you. Choose the suitable name tag template for your Affenzahn backpack from our selection and print it out for the first day in kindergarten.

Download & print out the template

Just download it, print it out, stick it onto a piece of cardboard or reinforced paper and cut it out all around the outlines until you get the right shape. Then you can pull through a drawstring at the top to have an attachment for the coat hook.

Individual name tag

In addition, you can individually label the name tag below with the name of your child, so that the kindergarten teachers know who owns which kindergarten backpack.


Pull-out tongue name tag

If you fancy the original pull-out tongue name tag rather than the animal one, you're absolutely right here. Just download and print it yourself!

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