Kindergarten Guide

The Kindergarten Guide offers you a small overview of all the topics that revolve around the exciting days in kindergarten. Your little explorers are going to tell you all about their great adventures from kindergarten, every day.


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Barefoot shoes feature a particularly thin, flexible sole. Many parents worry that this is not enough in cold temperatures. We will show you why the Affenzahn minimal shoes are the perfect companions for children – in summer as well as in winter!
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Once children learn to walk, it is literally a big step in their development. It’s time to get their first pair of shoes. “Prewalkers” are ideal – even if the name is slightly ambiguous. Find out everything you need to know here.
DIY and crafting ideas for the kindergarten and at home. Our Large Friends have discovered the arts & crafts corner of the kindergarten and created beautiful little works of art. Maybe you will find one or two ideas for yourself to do some crafts as well. Let yourself get inspired!
The best days in kindergarten are often the days when an excursion is scheduled or a lot of time can be spent outside. No matter where the adventure takes them, it's sure to be exciting! To ensure that you are perfectly prepared, here you will find a checklist with all the important things that should be packed.
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How exciting when a new phase of life full of excitement and adventure is starting with the first day at kindergarten.
Affenzahn-Kinderfrühstück-Ideen für den Kindergarten und Zuhause
Our young adventurers need a lot of energy for all the exciting activities that await them every day. To guarantee that breakfast is also an experience, we have collected some great ideas for you, which are just waiting to be enjoyed by your kids.
Our Affenzahn name tags are the perfect solution for a stressful morning at the kindergarten. This way you and your kids will always know where their Affenzahn belongs.
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A cheeky companion should be there for any adventure. But which one of all the Affenzahn styles is best in which situation? When is the time for a change and to step up sizewise? Here you can find the cheerful Affenzahn backpack comparison.
Yippieyeah: Unser Großer Freund hat im Kinderrucksack-Test bei ÖKO-TEST Bestnoten erzielt
You don't play with food. But when a cheerful face looks out of the lunchbox, the joy is great and it tastes immediately better. Even when it comes to fruit or vegetables (Attention: hidden vitamins).