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10 models, exclusive online styles and an almost endless variety of colors. The new Affenzahn shoe collection for spring and summer is here. More than anything else it will be: colorful! What’s new? What's different? Find out here!
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Once children learn to walk, it is literally a big step in their development. It’s time to get their first pair of shoes. “Prewalkers” are ideal – even if the name is slightly ambiguous. Find out everything you need to know here.
Get out of your socks and finally free up your toes again. All of us, and especially children, can hardly wait for sandal season to start. Learn all about sandals here.
The new Affenzahn collection is here! For spring and summer 2023, we’ve packed lots of new arrivals into our collection again. What’s new, what’s different – here’s everything you need to know!

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Backpacks, barefoot shoes and now a balance bike – how do they fit together? No, we don't have a screw loose – on the contrary: The fact that Affenzahn is now also producing children’s bikes makes perfect sense!
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Super-light, waterproof and reflective, they come with lots of playful elements that are simply fun to wear: The Affenzahn shoes for fall and winter are real all-rounders. Here’s the video evidence!
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Für die neue Affenzahn Kollektion SS23 begeben wir uns in die Tiefe des Meeres. Der Schutz des wunderschönen Lebensraums liegt uns sehr am Herzen – genauso wie unserem Partner, der Weltretterbande. Hier verraten wir Dir alles über unsere neue Kooperation.