A perfect fit

Backpacks, barefoot shoes and now a balance bike – how do they fit together? No, we don't have a screw loose – on the contrary: The fact that Affenzahn is now also producing children’s bikes makes perfect sense!
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Until now, the Affenzahn brand has been synonymous with preschool backpacks with cheerful animal faces. Now Affenzahn is venturing into completely new territory and is launching a balance bike. Not a good fit? On the contrary! Because Affenzahn’s mission is to develop products that make the world of children better. Products that are exactly what children want and need. And that make their everyday life easier.

Ride to freedom – on the balance bike

For Affenzahn, security, freedom and joy are the most important ingredients for a happy childhood. We always bear these 3 values in mind when considering what new products we could develop and how we can make products better for children. A balance bike gives many children their first “wheels". Once they discover that they are making progress with it, the joy of riding is inevitable. Their environment expands, and new freedoms and opportunities open up in the children's world – a new, exciting and wonderful feeling.

Easy and unmistakable

Making sure that children have these positive experiences with our products is what drives our development of new products. We feel that a balance bike should be as easy as possible for children to learn to ride so that they can quickly experience success and have fun. Our extra-light frame, the larger front wheel, the wide handlebars and the low entry point all facilitate this. The ideal balance bike must also be designed to be child-friendly. We have chosen strong colors, and, of course, the Affenzahn animals can be found on the balance bike as well. A particular highlight are the tires with their unmistakable tread that allows children to literally leave their mark!

Simply better, simply easier

This means that the new balance bike is a natural and harmonious addition to the Affenzahn product range. Our products want to be companions that make everyday life a little easier for children so that they can go about doing what's important: having fun, discovering, learning, experiencing adventures. Our backpacks with animal faces, for example, are loyal and reliable friends during the turbulent time of starting preschool. Our shoes have features that make it easy for children to put on and take off and prevent the shoes from being worn on the wrong foot. And our play sofa is not only a beautiful place to read and cuddle but also invites children to build caves, experience adventures and explore fantasy worlds.

Let’s make a difference!

Making the world of children a little bit larger every day, giving them freedom and making them happy – that’s what we want to achieve with our products. With the new balance bike, we are therefore continuing on our path. And you can be sure that we have a lot more in store for you. Our new category “Move” is only just beginning. We want to move much more in the future and hope that you will want to do so as much as we do!

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