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You can never collect too much inspiration and especially not when it comes to kids and family. In particular, young explorers are always curious about new things and are quickly fascinated by good ideas.
Fireworks on New Year's Eve have a long tradition and are always beautiful to look at, but the numerous fireworks in Germany emit several thousand tons of fine dust every year. But not only the fine dust is a burden for the environment and humans, but also the garbage, which remains at the end. We have collected great alternatives for the whole family.
Christmas is the time of traditions and family rituals - and they are very different all over the world. We take a look over the local cookie plate rim into the Christmas living and dining rooms of distant countries.
The christmas season is right around the corner and we ask ourselves every year what the christmas calendar for our kids should look like this time. We are fans of designing and filling them ourselves, as this is not only more sustainable, but also customizable, depending on what you and your family like best.
affenzahn-PET-Bottles 1200x1300_EN
You can't tell by looking at them, but Affenzahn products are real recycling heroes: They are made of recycled PET bottles. We and all Affenzahn customers kill two birds with one stone: less waste in nature and less usage of natural resources.
afz teaserkachel blog laterne
Lanterns are as much a part of St. Martin as the costume for carnival. Here you can find two Affenzahn DIY templates for your dragon or unicorn lantern. We wish you lots of fun!
Affenzahn Shoes_Mid Cut_Bird
The Affenzahn shoes are specially designed for the needs of young explorers. Due to their natural shape, they allow children's feet to grow healthily and support the development of strong foot muscles. Discover here all the other features that the new autumn and winter models have to offer.