The summer collection film shoot

The photo and film shoot for our new spring/summer collection took us into the depths of the oceans. The result is lots of amazing colorful pictures – we’ve put together the best ones for you here. Dive into the world of Affenzahn with us.

Let’s go down to the sea

Our Spring/Summer 2023 collection is all about "Under the Sea". That came about for several reasons: On the one hand, we're welcoming two new water animals to our Affenzahn animal family: the seal and the turtle. Both can be found on our backpacks as well as in our shoe collection. On the other hand, we care deeply about the sea and the protection of the oceans. We don't want to continue to watch how this magnificent habitat is being littered and destroyed. We want to raise awareness of the beauty of the oceans and contribute to their protection. The two new backpack models are therefore made of ECONYL, as are the outer materials of many of the shoe styles ("Vegan Ready and Trail). ECONYL is recycled nylon made from waste products such as fishing nets. In addition, we were able to land a new partner, the "Weltretterbande" ("World Saver Gang"). The Weltretterbande is committed to the protection of the oceans and offers workshops for children to raise their awareness of the issue. You can find out more about the cooperation here.

Immersion without getting wet

For our shoot, we brought the beach, coral reefs and the ocean into the studio. The kids had at least as much fun in our colorful sets as they would have had in nature. We don't want to deprive you of the great photos that were created – have fun scrolling through them!

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