Christmas Pendant

The gifts are packed, but is the final touch still missing? Affenzahn's Christmas pendants will come in handy: Print, cut out, label, done! The monkey, dog, bear and koala will not only decorate presents but will look good on the Christmas tree as well.
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No more presents getting mixed up under the Christmas tree. With the Affenzahn Christmas pendants, you can see at a glance which present belongs on which pile. On top of that, they make every present a real eye-catcher!

The Affenzahn Christmas pendants are available in several versions: For printing with a color printer or coloring on your own as a gift tag or tree pendant. When printing, always make sure that the printer is set correctly: Print 100% on both sides and flip on the long side.

Have fun crafting, coloring and giving as a gift!

The Affenzahn Christmas pendants to color in

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Tree Pendants

Monkey, bear, dog and koala wish you a Merry Christmas!


Gift Ideas for Christmas

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