Presents for everyone

Finding the right present is often not easy. We'll help you with your search. Who would you like to give a present to ? We’ve put together perfect gift ideas for every type of present.
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Things can't get going fast enough for you? Do you need a lot of space in your backpack so that you always have everything you need to get started on your outings? Then you’re definitely an adventurer, and you’re sure to have fun with the Affenzahn children’s vehicles (don't forget your helmet!) or our adventure backpack!

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Are you the cozy type who prefers to experience adventures from your couch? Do you like to sink into stories? Then join the bookworm team: Get comfy on our children’s sofa and enjoy the Affenzahn children’s books (German only)!

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Cuddle down fan

Do you love being warm and cozy? Then we would like to warmly welcome you to our team of cuddle down fans and strongly recommend our super-soft winter accessories: Get ready for winter with Affenzahn’s cap, scarf and gloves.

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The pre-Christmas season is the time for small gifts: for the Advent calendar, for St. Nicholas Day or as a small present for an Advent visit. With the small gifts from Affenzahn, radiant eyes are guaranteed.
Still no gift idea? No problem! With just one click you can find the perfect present because we have put together some great gift ideas for every budget. Under 25 Euros, under 50 Euros and under 100 Euros. No matter who you want to surprise - you're sure to find the right gift here!
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The gifts are packed, but is the final touch still missing? Affenzahn's Christmas pendants will come in handy: Print, cut out, label, done! The monkey, dog, bear and koala will not only decorate presents but will look good on the Christmas tree as well.


Fireworks on New Year's Eve have a long tradition and are always beautiful to look at, but the numerous fireworks in Germany emit several thousand tons of fine dust every year. But not only the fine dust is a burden for the environment and humans, but also the garbage, which remains at the end. We have collected great alternatives for the whole family.
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