New Year's Eve without fireworks

Fireworks on New Year's Eve have a long tradition and are always beautiful to look at, but the numerous fireworks in Germany emit several thousand tons of fine dust every year. But not only the fine dust is a burden for the environment and humans, but also the garbage, which remains at the end. We have collected great alternatives for the whole family.

Alternative to fireworks

If you like to celebrate New Year’s at home and this time do without the fireworks, but don't want to say goodbye to the tradition yet, you can try it with a large fire bowl, for example. Put up a fireproof bowl outside and light a nice blazing fire in it. At midnight (or when celebrating with children, of course a little earlier) all attendees can write a wish or a "good resolution" for the year to come on a piece of paper and throw it into the flames.

Fireworks bans

In some cities and countries, private fireworks have even been banned, for example in Australia, Brussels, Dublin and Prague. Private fireworks are also banned at our neighbors in the Netherlands. A short trip over New Year's Eve could therefore be interesting for all families with small children or pets who prefer to spend New Year’s quietly. There are even whole holiday parks that advertise that they are fireworks-free and therefore invite to a New Year's party, which of course seems unusual, but also has a lot to offer.

Wax casting instead of lead-pouring

The non-toxic and environmentally conscious alternative to lead-pouring. You can say goodbye to the tradition of lead-pouring just in time for the New Year, because the vapors produced by lead melting are not only harmful for the environment, but also for your own health and, of course, that of your children. The healthier alternative is wax casting. You can reuse and melt down candle remnants, so that you can apply the same principle with them as you used to. Beeswax candles or candles made from natural oils such as rapeseed or soy are the best choice.

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