Kindergarten - Let's go!

How exciting when a new phase of life full of excitement and adventure is starting with the first day at kindergarten.
Affenzahn-Kindergartenstart-großer Tiger-geburtstag

Are you ready for Kindergarten?

Since the start of kindergarten this year is going to be little bit different than expected, we decided to send our small and large friends on a discovery tour to give the soon to be kindergarten starters a little insight.

  • What can you expect at the 1st kindergarten breakfast with your new friends?
  • How can we get creative together at the crafting table?
  • What adventures await us in the play corner?
  • And not to forget how colourful and playful could the 1st birthday party be?

Fortunately, you will soon be able to find the answers to these questions yourself, but nevertheless we have some great inspirations and ideas for you from our animal companions.


Off into a new adventure with the Affenzahn kids backpacks:

With a colourful friend on your back, the start is going to be even more fun. The Small Friends of Affenzahn are suitable for kindergarten starters from 1 - 3 years. For kindergarten professionals from 3 - 5 years our Large Friends offer enough space to be prepared for every adventure.

But what should be packed into the kindergarten backpack for the first day? Here you will find a checklist for the start, so that nothing is forgotten and you can start your new adventure well prepared.

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