Unicorn pendant for your kids backpack

Would you like to equip your Unicorn backpack with a small matching pendant? Then follow our step by step instructions for the Unicorn pendant.

Our dear Ann-Kathrin from Rockmyday is well known for her great DIY projects and immediately excited us when we first came across her blog. She mainly works with sustainable and natural materials and it feels like she is one step ahead every time when it comes to developing beautiful and child-friendly accessories and game ideas.

Last year she created the matching pendant for our big friend Theo Tiger. She made it out of soft felt and partly filled it with wool, to create a light 3D effect. In addition to the Tiger DIY tutorial you will now get the step by step instructions for the unicorn as well.

What you need:

  • handicraft felt in pink and light pink (min. 20 x 15 cm cut to size)
  • fairy tale wool or felt wool for dry felting incl. matching underlay
  • scissors
  • felting needle
  • key ring
  • lavender blossoms, dried
  • textile adhesive
  • sewing needle
  • yarn in pink or white
  • talisman (optional)

Print out the pattern and use it to cut out all the necessary parts for the small unicorn. The darker felt is best doubled and of course, you need to double the ears and feet.

Steps 1-3

  • Before you start felting, fix the light pink part for the muzzle and the eyes with some textile glue.
  • The next step is dry felting. This step is necessary to breathe some life into your unicorn. Take the fairy tale wool and put it on the unicorns eyes, as well as the muzzle of the unicorn and stick the needle through the wool and the felt again and again. By dry felting you can work with this step without glue, because the wool is fixed to the piece of felt.
  • For the unicorn mane you twist three different colors of the fairy tale wool between your fingers until they get the desired shape, twist them together again and cut them to the required length.

Steps 4-7

  • Now you can glue all parts together and fix them on the front. Do the same with the light pink belly element, the arms and feet and then border everything with a back-and-forth stitch. Afterwards fill 2/3 of the unicorn with the filling material.
  • The filling material consists of the remaining felt and thread residues as well as the dried lavender blossoms.
  • Place a felt strip around the key ring and sew it at the upper part, behind the horn of the unicorn.
  • Now fix the belly element on the sides with some textile glue. Remember to leave a small opening. Finally, attach the arms of the small unicorn with glue.

Et voilà your own pendant for your Affenzahn backpack is ready.

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