The Affenzahn Story

Backpacks and bags, shoes, books, children’s vehicles – the Affenzahn brand has many faces. As different as the products are, they all have one thing in common: They have been designed to make the world of children more colorful, exciting and easier.
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The Affenzahn story starts in 2013 with backpacks specially developed for preschool children. There were different animal backpacks, and they all had a tongue you could pull on. Among the first models was Tiger, which is still one of the most popular Affenzahn styles. To this day, these large and small friends with their animal tongues are among our bestsellers. It's hard to image preschool coatrooms without the cheerful animal faces. Children love the Affenzahn animals, which in the meantime have grown to over 25 different ones, and the playful elements such as the pull-out tongue, hook and loop paws and treasure pockets. And parents can count on the fact that with Affenzahn they will be buying an ergonomic, practical and sustainable product.

Affenzahn’s philosophy

Our developers and designers know how children move, how they play, how their motor and mental abilities change during childhood and how to foster these abilities. This knowledge goes into each of our products and makes them ideal everyday companions for every child who wants to explore and find their way in the world for themselves. We want to make small children’s worlds a little bigger every day, which is why our product world is constantly growing.


From bags to shoes

Affenzahn started out as a bag brand and has literally evolved into Affenzahn: 2019 saw the birth of Affenzahn shoes. All our shoes are designed according to the concept of the minimal shoe. Minimal shoes are shoes that promote healthy and natural foot growth due to their shape and flexibility. They ensure that children’s feet can develop naturally and in a healthy way and that children will enjoy moving around in them.


The Affenzahn story world

The Affenzahn animals are an important part of our products. That's why it seemed logical to us to bring these animals to life. Children’s book author and illustrator Martin Baltscheit has taken over this task for us and created the unique Utopia story world. With the Affenzahn books and audio plays, the animals have become characters that experience exciting adventures and deal with questions that children ask themselves in their everyday lives: What is friendship about? What makes me strong and brave?

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One play sofa, thousands of possibilities

We see the world with children’s eyes and are constantly asking ourselves how products should look so that they are really fun for children. That's how our sofa was created, for example. A sofa that is of course much more than a sofa: It can be a retreat, a cave for reading or to have an adventure in, a place for cuddling and romping around, resting, playing and letting the imagination run free.

And what comes next?

We already have a lot of ideas of how we can make the Affenzahn children’s world even bigger and more colorful. How about an Affenzahn bicycle, for example? Or an entire Affenzahn children’s room? A playground? An amusement park? Let’s see where this journey takes us – you can definitely look forward to it!

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