The Affenzahn shoe collection 2023

The new Affenzahn collection is here! For spring and summer 2023, we’ve packed lots of new arrivals into our collection again. What’s new, what’s different – here’s everything you need to know!

The next generation of Affenzahn shoes are in the starting blocks and can hardly wait to make children’s feet happy. For this spring and summer we have 9 styles (including a brand new one ) 😊 in our product mix. From prewalkers from size 19 to sneakers in size 37, from sandals to slippers, from leather to ECONYL ® – we have the right Affenzahn shoe for every child this summer!


Get ready for Vegan Ready

Tada! With “Vegan Ready”, we welcome a completely new model to the Affenzahn shoe world! The super-light, breathable summer shoe looks super cool with its slip-on look and is also a lot of fun for children. Putting on shoes has never been so quick and easy. The intrinsic values of the Vegan Ready are also impressive, as we use as a material ECONYL ® .

The yarn is 100% recycled nylon made from waste materials such as fishing nets, carpet scraps or other industrial waste. Less trash on earth, more fun with children’s shoes – it doesn't get more win-win than that!

Still completely waterproof?

Are you looking for a shoe that is waterproof? Then you'll find what you're looking for at Affenzahn. The Vegan Trail is our lightweight outdoor shoe. The waterproof barefoot shoe with the clever quick lacing system is perfect for all those who are out and about a lot and want to be prepared for any weather. Many of our sneaker models are also waterproof. Our waterproof Knit Happys with their light lining are also suitable for the transitional season.

What's staying the same?

Even though the new collection has a lot to offer: At Affenzahn, we don't shake our foundations! All models are developed according to the minimal shoe concept. This means that they have a shape that gives enough room for all your toes and a thin, flexible sole that is equally strong throughout. Zero heel means that the sole has no elevations or even heels. In short: No toe is constricted or foot forced into an unnatural posture in the Affenzahn shoes – everything is natural at Affenzahn so that children’s feet can develop in a naturally healthy way.

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