The Affenzahn shoe collection 2024

10 models, exclusive online styles and an almost endless variety of colors. The new Affenzahn shoe collection for spring and summer is here. More than anything else it will be: colorful! What’s new? What's different? Find out here!
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The Affenzahn shoe collection for spring and summer is here! And since we believe that the world of children cannot be colorful enough, we've put a little extra effort into color this year. Our three Creative Styles, Happy Creative Bear, Lucky Creative Toucan and Airy Creative Bear, really add a splash of color. They're available exclusively in our online shop and not in stores. And don't worry. Of course, there's also something for fans of more muted colors. But it’s not just color that's new. Our new Breezy sandal model literally brings a fresh breeze to the Affenzahn sandal product line! Discover all our models and styles now for transitional weather and spring and summer 2024!

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