Affenzahn Winter Wonder Shoes

Super-light, waterproof and reflective, they come with lots of playful elements that are simply fun to wear: The Affenzahn shoes for fall and winter are real all-rounders. Here’s the video evidence!

Through rain and puddles

Affenzahn shoes (like all our products) are equipped with numerous useful functions and fun features. If you are familiar with our summer shoes, you might be surprised that our models for fall and winter are a little less flexible. There's a simple explanation for this: It's because of the AffenTex membrane that makes the shoe waterproof. We think that jumping in puddles and running through the rain are things that are so much fun that a shoe should be able to take part in them. That’s why we’ve equipped our fall/winter models with a waterproof membrane – even if that’s at the expense of flexibility.

Visible through the dark time of year

As the days get shorter and darker, it's important that children are clearly visible outside. Reflective elements are now the end-all and be-all – preferably from head to toe. Our shoes are therefore equipped with reflectors. Most models come with a reflective tape on the back and a reflective strip all around.

A sole to crumple

Barefoot shoes in winter? Why not! Our sole is as thick as necessary to protect your feet. In addition to the sole, we've added a honeycomb-shaped tread to the shoes, so that children have a perfect grip even in rain, snow and ice. Warm feet and a secure grip are essential in winter. Nevertheless, we've succeeded in making the sole flexible and bendable. So even in winter, no millimeter thicker than absolutely necessary!

No more duck feet

First and foremost, Affenzahn shoes impress children with their colorful designs and ease of putting on and taking off. Thanks to the practical fasteners, that goes really quickly, so that no valuable play time is wasted. And even with the smallest children, “duck feet” with Affenzahn shoes are a thing of the past. If you put the animal puzzle together correctly on the back of the shoes, you always have the right shoe on the right foot!

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