It’s sandal season!

Get out of your socks and finally free up your toes again. All of us, and especially children, can hardly wait for sandal season to start. Learn all about sandals here.
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Find the right sandals

Sandals should be one thing above all else: comfortable. Because children want things to be airy and light, especially on warm summer days. At Affenzahn, we have two sandal models to choose from: The Vegan Airy Sandal is our super airy toeless sandal for everyone who likes freedom especially on hot days and wants things to be as light as possible. The model impressed you so much last summer that we are offering even more summery colors this year. For some children, a sandal with a toe cap is more suitable: The feet are better protected, especially when riding a bike or scooter. If extra protection is important to you in the summer, the Vegan Free Sandal with toe cap is your go-to model. The lacing makes this model a perfect fit for children’s feet and is therefore also suitable for children with narrower feet.

Sandal Vegan Breezy

Sandal Vegan Airy

Sandal Vegan Free

Cleaning sandals

Children’s shoes have to cope with a lot: Extended playground visits, vacation trips and sand and beach days often leave their mark. So that you can enjoy your sandals for a long time, now and then you need to tackle the coarse dirt on them. It’s best to first knock the sandals together and then clean the soles with a brush. Then dry the outer material (don't forget the hook and loop fasteners!) with a soft brush or toothbrush. Then carefully remove the dirt with a damp cloth and warm water. For more stubborn dirt, we recommend a soft sponge and a mild or curd soap. You can also use a mild detergent for this. In this case, we recommend a product with natural ingredients. By the way, the washing machine is a no-go for our sandals. This can have a negative effect on their durability.


Finding the right size

Finding the right shoe size is really easy with Affenzahn. All you need is a sheet of paper, a pen and a ruler. Place your child on the paper and mark both heels vertically. Then mark the point of the longest toe on both feet. Now measure the distance with the ruler. Simply enter the result in our size finder, and bingo it spits out the recommended correct size.

Size finder


Mark heels

Place your child on a piece of paper and mark both heels vertically.


Mark toes

Mark the end point of the longest toe of both feet.


Measure distances

Measure the two distances and enter the longer length in the input field.

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