Barefoot shoes in winter?

Barefoot shoes feature a particularly thin, flexible sole. Many parents worry that this is not enough in cold temperatures. We will show you why the Affenzahn minimal shoes are the perfect companions for children – in summer as well as in winter!
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Barefoot shoes in winter? Why not! Get through the cold season with warm feet in Affenzahn’s minimal shoes. Why? Here’s how.

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Freedom of movement for your toes

The Affenzahn minimal shoes have a wide toe area so that each toe has room to move and grow in a healthy way. When toes have enough wiggle room, they automatically move more. This allows the foot muscles to remain in motion due to the increased space. This creates warmth and keeps your feet nice and warm. Since children are almost always on the move and rarely stand in one spot, they have even fewer problems with barefoot shoes in winter than adults.

Extra layers for winter

With our winter shoes, we're taking our summer shoes to the next level. The sole itself is just as thin as in summer, but we’re putting on a layer of tread on or under them 😊. On the one hand, this ensures more warmth, but above all the extra layer provides support and grip when it’s slippery or muddy in winter. Our winter models also have a waterproof membrane. It does not let water in from the outside onto your feet, but it is still breathable, so it transports heat from the shoe to the outside. These “extra layers” are the reason why our winter models are slightly less flexible than the Affenzahn summer shoes. However, we are convinced that the advantages (waterproof and more grip) outweigh the disadvantages, especially for children in winter.

A cold lining or warm lining is the question here

With the Affenzahn winter collection, we offer models for all “foot types”: if your child is more prone to sweaty feet and is more likely to travel in an urban environment, it may be that our “Knit Happy” is good enough even for the winter months. The Happy is slightly lighter with a so-called “cold lining”. The “Comfy” on the other hand comes with a warm lining and is our classic mini shoe for winter. Comfy is available in a vegan version in many bright colors and in a more classic look made from recycled wool. The “Snowy” is designed for really cold days and is ideal for areas where there is often snow in winter.

Shoe categories

Straight to ours

It’s all about the socks

If you feel that your shoes aren't warm enough, or you have sweaty feet, we recommend experimenting with the choice of socks. With their natural shape, the Affenzahn shoes also offer enough space for a thicker pair of socks if you belong to the “cold-feet group”. If you tend to have sweaty feet, we recommend thinner cotton socks.

Spray for long-lasting warm feet

We recommend impregnating shoes with a membrane with a spray adapted to the upper material before you first wear them. To keep your feet warm all winter long, you should regularly re-impregate your shoes. This also protects your feet from the elements in the long term. The impregnation works best immediately after the shoe has been cleaned and dried. Learn how to clean your Affenzahn shoes here.

Always a good choice

Barefoot shoes are ideal for children, as they ensure that children’s feet can develop in a healthy way. Winter temperatures, snow and mud are no obstacle. On the contrary! Affenzahn offers the right shoe for every requirement and ensures that you get through the cold season with dry and warm feet.

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