The Affenzahn backpacks in size comparison

A cheeky companion should be there for any adventure. But which one of all the Affenzahn styles is best in which situation? When is the time for a change and to step up sizewise? Here you can find the cheerful Affenzahn backpack comparison.

Small Friend: The backpack for cheeky little monkeys

When kids carry their first backpack, it does not only look cute, it is also very practical because for the first time the little ones can carry all their important belongings themselves. Even better when it's also a colourful animal that runs around on its small back. The Affenzahn bags "Small Friends" are already suitable for children from about one year.

The small Tiger, Koala, Octopus and their friends accompany little explorers for example on their first visit to the playgroup or an excursion to grandma and grandpa. Of course, the little ones can't carry a lot of weight around with them: That's why the little friends almost fly along on their own.

The mini backpacks weigh only about 200 grams. They measure about 17 x 25 x 11 centimetres and hold about four litres. The Small Friends can therefore transport the essentials that little explorers absolutely want to have with them.

What the Small Friends have to offer

Life is more fun with your animal friends: not only because your favourite cuddly toy can always travel with you in your backpack. The pull-out tongue with name tag, the many embroidered details and the padded shoulder pads, which ensure that the little friends always sit comfortably on their backs, are also great. Of course, there is also a carrying handle, reflectors for safety in the dark and a chest strap that is adjustable in height and width.

And even if the proud owners may not yet understand exactly what this means, the fabrics that are being used to make the little friends are made of up to 50 percent recycled PET bottles. In the Unicorn, for example, three PET bottles (0,5l) ─ are not visible at all, are they?

Large Friends: For young explorers aged around three years and up

The kids grow and with them the space requirements: At some point it may be that the Small Friends are no longer sufficient to transport all the things that need to be packed for the next big adventure. Then it might be time for a new or an additional friend ─ a Large Friend.

The Affenzahn models "Large Friends" are suitable for kids between approximately three and five years. Not only do they offer more space than the small backpack siblings (with a volume of about eight litres they are twice as big), but they also have a few more extras: The styles Tiger, Dog and Owl and all their colourful friends have additional pockets ─ and even small compartments to keep all your special treasures safe.

Great functions of the Large Friends

What do kids love about their colourful Large Friends? For example, the velcro paws with which the backpacks can be individually designed over and over again. The Koala wants to play peek-a-boo or get a belly rub? Every day, the kids can come up with a new story and think about what adventures they want to enjoy with their big Friends ─ and how easy it is to reattach and play around with their paws.

Of course, the Large Friends also have a pull-out tongue with a name tag, reflectors, carrying handle and soft shoulder pads. And they also weigh as little as possible: only about 420 grams ─ so that the back of the child is never unnecessarily loaded.

The larger friends are much bigger than their small backpack siblings, which is why there are even more recycled PET bottles in them. For the large Frog, for example, six PET bottles were reused. And for all Affenzahn backpacks, bluesign® certified fabrics are being used. This ensures that harmful chemicals are avoided throughout the whole production process.

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