Affenzahn Spot-The-Difference Puzzle

Attention to detail: Can you find the little bugs we've added? Finding these little hidden mistakes help your child develop a range of skills including observation, attention and concentration, as well as providing an excellent way to improve the memory.

Eagle eyes, watch out!

Our Affenzahn picture search game is for all the kids (and parents) who like and enjoy small and big challenges. Do you have an eye for detail? Then print out our exciting search games and get together with your child to find the mistakes in the second picture.

Start with the 1st puzzle and try to find all 6 mistakes that have sneaked into the puzzle. Work your way slowly through the other Affenzahn motifs until you reach our puzzle for the pros. The Tiger challenges you to find all 7 mistakes in his jungle. Here not only a good eye is in demand, but also your concentration. So you can playfully promote the concentration and accuracy of your child.

Have you and your child discovered and marked all mistakes? Then share it with us and your community on your Instagram Story and tag our account @affenzahn_official .

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