World of creativity

Now Affenzahn's friend, the bear, tells his story. With him as an inspiring companion, we dive into the world of colour. There are no rules here, only boundless creativity and so familiar things shine in completely new colours. Come along, the bear will show you his bear studio!


Shoe collection

We think that the world of children can't be colorful enough and that's why there are even more bright colors this year. But don't worry: there's also something for fans of more neutral colors.



In the creative world, whatever is fun is allowed! And it can be colourful and sometimes the other way round. We have also created our new backpack styles according to this motto. Discover our Creative Bear and Creative Toucan now!

affenzahn home ueber-affenzahn nachhaltigkeit


With our new backpacks, the Creative animals, it's not just the colours that are a highlight: their outer material is also made from 100% recycled textiles! This means that we recycle old clothes and give them a new use, namely that of your companion.


Colouring Pages

Have you already discovered our colouring templates in our bear studio? Here you can colour in, but of course you can also add to the picture. Where are Bear and Affenzahn going? And who is the bear waving at in such a friendly way? You decide! There are no limits to your creativity!