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Ready for summer with our new sandals


Backpacks for young explorers

Anyone who knows Affenzahn will hardly be able to overlook our family of animals. From the popular backpacks as a Small or Large Friend to the matching hip bag, every animal lover will find what they're looking for. For kindergarten starters from 1 to 3 years there is a wide selection of Small Friends and our Large Friends are masters in hiding all the treasures of 3-5 year olds with their additional bags and can be customized with their Velcro paws.

9x16 Klett Schnuerer Puzzle-4K

Summer Shoes

With the new shoes, a stunning summer is guaranteed! Yellow like the sun, purple like our favourite flower, or green like the grass? Discover your new favourite shoe in the colours that sound and look like summer adventures to you.


Here comes the Mouse

50 years "Die Maus" - Let's celebrate! On the occasion of the 50th birthday of "The Show with the Mouse", we couldn't resist celebrating it in a festive way. And what better way to do that than with a very special anniversary collection? Discover the Mouse and its friends elephant & duck as backpack, hip bag and much more!



The first ever Affenzahn Sandals are finally here! Step into your sandals and feel the summer! Elephant, cat, owl, dog, lion or bird.⠀With these 6 new styles, it's not easy to choose. Which model will you go for? Discover the entire collection now!


Kids Facemasks

The new Facemasks from Affenzahn are especially designed for the faces of our young adventurers. They come in 4 animal styles and not only impress with their look, but also with the particularly gentle organic cotton and the adjustable straps, which can be tightened and widened thanks to a small sliding clip.

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New horse backpack

May we present... The new horse backpack in the colour that the majority of our social media community voted for. After last year's poll, most of you agreed on one specific colour. Freshly groomed, the horse now appears in a new design: the delicate brown makes the Affenzahn horse a showpiece. Thank you for your support and participation in the voting!

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