24 Christmas Calendar Ideas

The christmas season is right around the corner and we ask ourselves every year what the christmas calendar for our kids should look like this time. We are fans of designing and filling them ourselves, as this is not only more sustainable, but also customizable, depending on what you and your family like best.
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Are you also a fan of designing or filling the Advent calendar yourself? Collecting ideas and collecting little presents is almost more fun than opening your own doors (it's doubtful if the kids see it the same way) 😊 And it's also much more original than buying a chocolate filled calendar.

We have put some thought into it and collected 24 great and creative options. We hope, that we could help you finding some inspiration for your calendar.

  1. Affenzahn kids wallet. Not only can children store their small fortune in there, but it is also particularly suitable for storing small items that may be in the Advent calendar in the next few days.
  2. A cookie cutter. Of course in addition to a baking day, so that the new cookie cutter can be put to good use right away. In the best case there will be enough biscuits left, which you can take with you to the kindergarten or playgroup and hand out the next day as a surprise.
  3. Colour pencils and colouring pictures, such as the colorful friends of Affenzahn. So every child can let their creativity run wild and maybe even turn the tiger into a Christmas tiger.
  4. The Affenzahn pencil case is a slightly larger gift, but the mixture makes it, right? And so the pencils will find a suitable place.
  5. A small picture book with a Christmas story, so that you can get in the right mood for Christmas.
  6. The chocolate Santa should not be missing as long as it cannot be found already in the cleaned boots that are standing outside the door.
  7. Game Night: The child decides which game to play in the evening and in addition, you could serve some delicious child-friendly fruit punch or a hot cocoa.
  8. The small stuffed animal, the toy car or the play figure, which has already been high on the child's wish list for a long time.
  9. Have you already discovered the Affenzahn DIY kids masks? They are a great activity for the weekend, when the weather doesn't like to play along and you spontaneously want to start a small mask party at home.
  10. In the Advent season there is already a lot of sweets included on a daily basis. Therefore, it's good if the Advent calendar itself doesn't contain too much sweets. But behind one or the other little number, the children's favourite snacks can still find its time to shine.
  11. A bath bomb for the warm bath after the hike or sleigh ride in the forest to warm up again.
  12. A movie evening with homemade popcorn, where the child can of course choose the film, even if it has already been watched together at least 5 times.
  13. A power bar made out of nuts and dates is not only the healthier alternative to other sweet bars, but also super tasty for young and old.
  14. Bouncy balls almost have a retro style, but from experience they are still very popular.
  15. The Affenzahn hip bag is ideal for smaller trips or walks that don't require a backpack.
  16. Soft socks for lounging at home, so that your feet are well protected even in cold temperatures.
  17. How about something completely different: Think about a small project together that you can support as a family. For example a donation to a local animal shelter or something similar.
  18. A pendant for the Christmas tree, which - as soon as the tree is up - can be decorated together.
  19. A tasty fruit juice to replenish the vitamin stores for the cold days.
  20. A Christmas card that can be written and sent together (to your best friend, grandparents or relatives).
  21. Just before Christmas it's totally fine to unpack something sweet again, right? How about a small mixture of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit or double-decker biscuits with chocolate filling?
  22. Cinema voucher: In order to escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it's a nice change of pace and is sure to go down well with the kids.
  23. A nice card game or the Affenzahn Remembory to bridge the waiting time until the distribution of presents.
  24. Christmas songs for children: Print out the text of your favourite christmas song and sing it together.

Of course, a Christmas calendar does not only need the individual content for each day to ring in the countdown until Christmas Eve, but also the corresponding numbers so that you know every day which door, bag or parcel is next. That's why you'll find here the matching Christmas calendar numbers to print out and cut out to bring organization into the calendar.

Images: Affenzahn, @lauralehmannofficial

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