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You want to know where your Affenzahn comes from and under what conditions it was made? Then come on a journey with us to our factories in Vietnam and Myanmar.
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At Affenzahn we have a strong focus on responsibility. We want to manufacture our products as sustainably as possible - not only ecologically, but also socially. This means that we are transparent: Every buyer should know exactly where his product comes from and how it was produced. As with all FOND OF products, you can find out where your product comes from on our website.

We take a close look at the manufacturing conditions in our sewing factories in Vietnam and Myanmar. And we want to help improve working conditions in the textile industry in Southeast Asia. That's why we are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

What is the Fair Wear Foundation?

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a Dutch non-profit organisation with the aim of providing better working conditions in the textile industry. With our membership we commit ourselves to adhere to strict standards. These include fair wages, reasonable working hours, no exploitation through child labour and safe working conditions.

What is special about the FWF is that it not only inspects our suppliers, but also examines us once a year. Because we also play a part in how the working conditions at our sewing factories are organised: How much do we pay for our products? Do we give the suppliers enough time to finish the products without having to work too much overtime? The FWF is therefore examining how much we are committed to improving working conditions. In 2018 we even achieved the status of "FWF Leader" with this check, which we are very pleased about.

Support for factory workers

If a worker in one of our factories has a serious problem, he can contact the FWF directly. In our factories in Vietnam there is a poster with the so-called "Worker Helpline" - a kind of complaint hotline where the worker can contact the FWF directly and describe the problem. The FWF takes it in and passes it on to Affenzahn. In our company, corporate responsibility experts work closely with the factory to solve the problem.

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