Online warranty extension

Once you have entered the data in the following form, you gain instead of the regular two years even three-year warranty! Please keep your receipt safe place, because only with proof of purchase the guarantee is valid.

Warranty conditions

General information and guarantee

We, FOND OF GmbH, grant a two-year manufacturer's guarantee on the workmanship and material of all Affenzahn backpacks from the date of purchase. The guarantee is valid in the territorial area of the European Union and Switzerland and in the personal area of validity, provided you have purchased an Affenzahn backpack as a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB (German Civil Code).

Your legal rights as a consumer in the event of defects (subsequent performance, withdrawal or reduction and, if applicable, compensation for damages in accordance with §§ 437 ff. BGB) are not restricted by this guarantee, but can be asserted against the respective dealer (seller) independently and free of charge of this guarantee.

If you discover material or workmanship defects within the two-year guarantee period and hand the Affenzahn rucksack over to the respective dealer or directly to us before the guarantee expires, we will remedy the defect in question or replace the Affenzahn rucksack with a defect-free product. We will decide on the method of rectifying the defect. In this case, we shall bear the costs incurred for the rectification of the defect as such, as well as any shipping costs that may arise. Other costs that may arise in connection with the warranty claim, such as costs for shipping cartons, will not be borne by us.

The guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear and such damage caused by improper handling, accidents or extreme temperatures.

Excluded from the warranty are all accessories of the Affenzahn backpacks, for which only the statutory warranty rights apply, in particular: Children's suitcases, toilet bags, children's shoes, gym bags, pencil cases, water bottles, lunch boxes, chest bags, purses, Velcro badges, books, children's sofa, pillow roll, scooters, helmets, bells and clothing.

Please note that the Affenzahn backpack may become deformed due to external influences such as a wash in the dishwasher or washing machine. In the event of a guarantee claim, the guarantee period is not extended by a further two years. The guarantee is always valid from the date of purchase and is limited to the two-year period calculated from the date of purchase. In the event of a warranty claim, the warranty period is not extended by a further two years. The guarantee is always valid from the date of purchase and is limited to a period of two years calculated from the date of purchase.

Making a claim under the guarantee

In the event of a guarantee claim, please contact us as the guarantor:

Vitalisstrasse 67
50827 Cologne
+49 (0) 221 9567 3288

In order to make a claim under the guarantee, you must first notify us of the damage to your Affenzahn rucksack by e-mail, telephone or directly via the online contact form provided for this purpose. The notification must include proof of purchase (invoice or receipt), a description of the damage, photos of the damage and the personal address details of the claimant. Approximately 1-2 working days after sending the form, you will receive a reply from us by e-mail in which the warranty case is classified and the further procedure is explained.

Procedure in the event of a warranty claim

If all the necessary information has been provided and the warranty claim has been made, we will send you a return label and ask you to send the Affenzahn rucksack that is the subject of the claim back to us in the original box or in a suitable package. The Affenzahn backpack will be inspected and repaired approx. 1-2 working days after receipt of the return. If the product has an irreparable defect, you will be contacted again by e-mail and informed about your entitlement to an exchange product. If the inspection shows that there is no warranty claim, we will return your Affenzahn backpack to you free of charge.