Affenzahn Cake Topper *Guest Article*

I like it timeless, simple and beautiful. Probably because I'm such a "last minute"-person. All the better that I am now well prepared for certain events. Birthdays, for instance. Which brings us to today's DIY. Animal Cake Topper, suitable for any age.
Rockmyday Affenzahn Cake Topper emotional 04
Rockmyday Affenzahn Cake Topper emotional 03

As you probably already noticed, here at Affenzahn we are big fans of Ann-Kathrin and her great creative ideas, which she regularly presents on her own blog "rockmyday". Her 3rd project for our blog is again a super nice DIY project for the whole family. The animal cake toppers can be individually designed and are sure to be a hit at every (birthday) party! For Affenzahn she designed these 3 cute Affenzahn friends, that hopefully didn't just go down well with her and us ;) We wish you a lot of fun with reading and recreating!

Step 1: First, print out the individual pattern sheets and cut out the individual elements from coloured cardboard. You can find the exact number of pieces on the individual instructions. The basic form is the same for all 3 animals, only the characteristic features vary.

Step 2: Once you've cut out all the pieces, you're ready to glue. By the way, double-sided adhesive tape is particularly suitable for this! Begin with eyes, nose and mouth. Next are arms and legs, if they consist of 2 parts.

Step 3: Now it is time to assemble the individual animals. For this, glue the head, arms, legs, ears, belly, etc. onto one of the basic body shapes.

Step 4: The second to last step is the finishing touches. This is best done with a waterproof fineliner. Draw the eyes, claws and whiskers. Depending on the animal just the matching details.

Step 5: Finally you fix a wooden stick on one side of the body shapes and glue it together with the second one.

Et voilà: And there you go, your animal cake toppers are ready! After the party, you can easily wipe off the remains of the cake on the wooden sticks with a damp cloth. So you can keep your Cake Topper perfectly until the next party and "last minute" is no longer a problem ;)

I wish you lots of fun with recreating these Affenzahn cake toppers!

Best, ann-kathrin

Rockmyday Affenzahn Cake Topper emotional 02
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