FAQs: Autumn/Winter Shoe Styles

Barefoot shoes in winter? Thin soles? Zero blast? AffenTex membrane? We want to answer all your questions about our shoes and will update the article continuously so that you can find the most important answers here.


1. How heavy (or light) are the shoes?

  • Low Boots: 335g-490g
  • Mid Boots: 335g-530g
  • Snow Boots: 345g-535g
  • Trail Explorer: 365g-440g

2. How thick is the sole of the shoe?

2,5mm + 3mm profile

3. How does the membrane work?

The microporous membrane works like a sieve. Liquid water molecules are too large for the fine pores, but in the "vapor phase" they penetrate the pores. Rain and water from outside are kept out, but sweat is transported from the inside to the outside.

4. How sustainable are the shoes?

Our idea of sustainability is also reflected in the Affenzahn winter shoes. All Affenzahn winter shoes have a robust, flexible rubber sole with natural rubber content and the inner sole consists of 30% natural algae (Bloom Foam). Only 100% recycled polyester or Econyl is used in the vegan models.

5. Are barefoot shoes suitable for the winter?

Absolutely! The sole of the Affenzahn winter shoes is as minimal as possible, but as thick as necessary to protect the feet. In addition to the sole, we have given the shoes a honeycomb profile so that children have perfect grip even in rain, snow and ice. Our 3-layer principle, consisting of a water-repellent outer fabric, a specially developed waterproof, breathable membrane and the soft inner lining ensures that the feet stay warm and dry.

6. Are the shoes cut wide or narrow?

The Affenzahn barefoot shoes are cut uniformly. The natural shape makes them suitable for both narrow and wider children's feet: They give every foot and toe the space they need and adapt to the natural shape of the feet.

7. What occasions and weather are the new autumn and winter models suitable for?

The Affenzahn winter shoes are suitable for everyday use and are just as suitable for kindergarten or the playground as they are for trips into nature. - Autumn shoes: Perfect for the transition period and the typical autumn weather. - Winter boots: Perfect for cold winter days. - Snow boots: The warmest models of this year's collection and almost snowstorm-proof ;) - Hiking boots: Perfect for hiking & trips where good grip and water resistancy is required.

8. Are the shoes vegan?

Apart from the 3 Mid Boots/Winter boots in wool: Unicorn, Dog & Tiger, all models of the new AW20/21 shoe collection are vegan.

9. Are barefoot shoes better than "normal shoes"?

Children's feet need space, freedom of movement, ground contact and stimulation. Healthy children's feet also do not need additional padding or insoles: The muscles want to be trained, not supported. The best thing for children's feet is therefore walking barefoot on soft, uneven ground. Because walking barefoot is not always possible in everyday life, barefoot shoes for children are a good compromise. They are particularly flexible, offer the toes sufficient space and allow them to feel the ground.

10. Are barefoot shoes also suitable for children learning to walk?

Walking in barefoot shoes trains the sense of balance, strengthens the foot muscles and can prevent malpositioning at an early stage. Affenzahn shoes protect the small sensitive feet from the very first steps.

11. Do you wear barefoot shoes without socks?

No, the term barefoot shoe does not refer to the way one wears the shoes, but to the barefoot feeling that children feel when they wear the shoes. Due to the minimal sole and the natural shape, children stand in the shoes without being constricted and feel their underground more intensively in order to develop strong foot muscles.

12. How does the twist-lock fastener work?

The twist-lock on the hiking boots work like a kind of cogwheel. To close the shoes, you turn them clockwise until the shoe fits perfectly. To open, pull the closure slightly upwards and release it counter-clockwise.

13. When will the shoes be available?

The transition shoes with the "Low Cut" are available from August 24th. Most winter boots are available from the end of August (except the model Bear, Dog and Unicorn, which are not available until mid-October). The Snow Boots are available from the end of September and the Hiking Shoes will also be available at the end of September.

14. Will there also be larger sizes?

Initially our shoe models will be available in sizes 21-32. However, the hiking boots will only start with shoe size 26. Larger sizes are not planned for the near future, but are not completely out of the question.

15. What does "zero blast" mean?

It indicates the difference between the thickness of the backfoot sole and the thickness of the forefoot sole of a shoe. The higher the blast, the higher the back heel. Since our children's shoes are designed according to the barefoot shoe principle, they have "zero blast". This means that the sole is flat throughout. The difference in height between toe area and heel is 0mm and therefore on the same level. This makes it almost like walking barefoot.

16. What are the measurements of the insole?

  • Size 21: 5,9 cm
  • Size 22: 6,0 cm
  • Size 23: 6,1 cm
  • Size 24: 6,3 cm
  • Size 25: 6,4 cm
  • Size 26: 6,6 cm
  • Size 27: 6,7 cm
  • Size 28: 6,9 cm
  • Size 29: 7,0 cm
  • Size 30: 7,1 cm
  • Size 31: 7,3 cm
  • Size 32: 7,5 cm

17. What is the difference between the winter boots and the snow boots?

The snow boots are all equipped with our quick lacing system and cord lock closure, so they fit perfectly on the foot and can be adjusted very individually. For the winter boots there is the possibility to choose between the Velcro version or the Cord Lock, as two of the seven models are also equipped with the quick lacing system. Both are of course very easy fasteners for putting on and taking off the boots on your own. The snow boots are the warmest models in our current collection and can therefore withstand the really cold temperatures and are of course perfect for the many snowball fights ;) Furthermore they differ in their shaft height. The winter boots are cut slightly lower than the snow boots, but still keep you nice and warm.

18. what is the best way to take care of your Affenzahn shoes?

Additional impregnation helps to keep the shoe stain-resistant. Make sure you use a product that is suitable for Tex membranes.


AffenTex Membrane

The AffenTex membrane with super powers: waterproof, breathable, keeps feet warm and dry. The microporous membrane works like a sieve. Liquid water molecules are too large for the fine pores, but in the "vapor phase" they penetrate the pores. Rain and water from outside are kept out, but sweat is transported to the outside.

3-layer principle

  1. Water repellent outer fabric
  2. Specially developed waterproof, breathable membrane
  3. Soft inner lining

Minimal shoe principle

The natural shape offers enough space for each toe, so that they can move freely and the feet develop healthily. The flexible sole is only as thick as necessary and the additional honeycomb Affenzahn profile provides good grip - even in rain, snow and ice.

Product range

  • 16 styles
  • 4 different models/shaft heights
  • 4x Low Cut (transition shoes)
  • 7x Mid Boots (winter boots)
  • 3x Snow Boots (snow boots)
  • 2x Trail Explorer (hiking/trekking shoes)

Special features

  • Available in shoe sizes 21-32 (except for the Trail Explorer), which starts from size 26-32
  • Designed according to the minimal shoe principle (barefoot shoes), supplemented by a honeycomb Affenzahn sole profile to make them more slip-resistant
  • Right-left differentiation through a small "animal puzzle" on the back of the shoes for putting them on independently

Low Boots (sizes 21-32)

  • 4 different styles/colors: panther (black), bird (purple), bear (blue), owl (turquoise)
  • Suitable for every day (especially in the transition period)
  • Especially light with 335g-490g per pair of shoes
  • Improved fit to previous year's model
  • Vegan: Bluesign® certified polyester upper, 100% recycled polyester lining, rubber sole with rubber content and Bloom Foam (algae) insole.

Mid Boots (sizes 21-32)

  • 7 different styles/colors: Tiger (gray-yellow), shark (light blue/blue), dragon (green), unicorn (pink), dog (gray), bear (dark blue), bird (purple)
  • Easy closure: 5x velcro & 2x cord lock closure (dog & unicorn)
  • 3x vegan styles (shark, dragon, bird) & 4x wool (tiger, unicorn, dog, bear)
  • For cold winter days, non-slip, easy & improved access due to the lower shaft height

Snow Boots (sizes 21-32)

  • 3 different styles/colors: Toucan (yellow-blue), Koala (gray-pink), Elephant (blue-orange)
  • Vegan: Upper material made of Econyl, soft plush lining material made of 100% recycled polyester, rubber sole with rubber content and insole made of Bloom Foam (algae).
  • The warmest and most waterproof models in this year's collection

Trail Explorer (sizes 26-32)

  • 2 different styles: Flamingo (purple-pink) & Frog (green)
  • New, special closure: twist and turn closure for very easy opening and closing. This makes the new shoe a favorite in no time at all.
  • Vegan
  • Waterproof
  • High visibility through additional reflectors

Find the right size

affenzahn winterschuhe groesse

How to find the right size

Quickly check your shoe size in 4 steps with our printable size adviser. Always measure your foot from the heel to the longest toe.

Size Advice
Quickly check your shoe size in 4 steps with our printable size adviser. Always measure your foot from the heel to the longest toe.
(Ideal) Foot Length
Heel-To-Toe (Area)
Ø Foot Width
12,6 cm
12,3-12,9 cm
5,9 cm
13,3 cm
6,0 cm
13,9 cm
13,7-14,2 cm
6,1 cm
14,5 cm
14,3-14,8 cm
6,3 cm
15,3 cm
14,9-15,6 cm
6,4 cm
15,9 cm
15,7-16,2 cm
6,6 cm
16,6 cm
16,3-16,9 cm
6,7 cm
17,3 cm
17,0-17,6 cm
6,9 cm
17,9 cm
17,7-18,2 cm
7,0 cm
18,5 cm
18,3-18,8 cm
7,1 cm
19,2 cm
18,9-19,5 cm
7,3 cm
19,9 cm
19,6-20,2 cm
7,5 cm

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