FAQs: Autumn/Winter Shoe Styles

Barefoot shoes in winter? Thin soles? Zero blast? AffenTex membrane? We want to answer all your questions about our shoes and will update the article continuously so that you can find the most important answers here.


1. Are the winter shoes waterproof?

Thanks to the breathable AffenTex membrane, all winter shoes (except the leather models) are 100% waterproof. The microporous membrane works like a sieve. Liquid water molecules are too big for the fine pores, but in the "vapour phase" they penetrate the pores. Rain and water from the outside are kept out, but sweat is transported from the inside to the outside.

In contrast to the last collection of Affenzahn winter shoes, the AffenTex membrane sits like a sock in the shoe, not letting any water into the shoe until the shoe shaft.

__2. Why are some shoe models only available in certain sizes?

The new Affenzahn winter sneakers "Dreamer models" (sizes 31-37) were developed in line with the existing Affenzahn shoe range. The familiar Affenzahn colours have been interpreted in a new colour concept for older children, and the new cuts are also specially designed for older children.

This model range has also been developed according to the natural shape for children's feet. The general design of the previous collection would not fit on the larger sizes, so it was decided to develop these models especially for older children.

3. Are barefoot shoes suitable for the winter?

Of course! In the Affenzahn winter shoes, the sole is as minimal as possible, but as thick as necessary to protect the feet. In addition to the sole, we have given the shoes a honeycomb-like profile so that children have a perfect grip even in rain, snow and ice. Our 3-layer principle, consisting of water-repellent outer fabric, a specially developed waterproof, breathable membrane and the soft inner lining ensures that kids' feet stay warm and dry.

4. Are the shoes cut wide or narrow?

The Affenzahn barefoot shoes are cut uniformly. The natural shape makes them suitable for both narrow and wider children's feet: They give every foot and toe the space they need and adapt to the natural shape of the feet.

5. What occasions and weather are the new autumn and winter models suitable for?

The Affenzahn winter shoes are suitable for everyday use and are just as suitable for kindergarten or the playground as they are for trips into nature. - Low boots: Perfect for the transition period and the typical autumn weather. - Winter boots: Perfect for cold winter days. - Snow boots: The warmest models of this year's collection and almost snowstorm-proof ;) - Trail Explorer: Perfect for hiking & trips where good grip and water resistancy is required.

6. Are the shoes vegan?

Apart from the leather shoes and the models with wool, all models in the new AW21/22 shoe collection are vegan.

7. Are barefoot shoes better than "normal shoes"?

Children's feet need space, freedom of movement, ground contact and stimulation. Healthy children's feet also do not need additional padding or insoles: The muscles want to be trained, not supported. The best thing for children's feet is therefore walking barefoot on soft, uneven ground. Because walking barefoot is not always possible in everyday life, barefoot shoes for children are a good compromise. They are particularly flexible, offer the toes sufficient space and allow them to feel the ground.

8. Are barefoot shoes also suitable for children learning to walk?

Walking in barefoot shoes trains the sense of balance, strengthens the foot muscles and can prevent malpositioning at an early stage. Affenzahn shoes protect the small sensitive feet from the very first steps.

9. Do you wear barefoot shoes without socks?

No, the term barefoot shoe does not refer to the way one wears the shoes, but to the barefoot feeling that children feel when they wear the shoes. Due to the minimal sole and the natural shape, children stand in the shoes without being constricted and feel their underground more intensively in order to develop strong foot muscles.

10. How does the twist-lock fastener work?

The twist-lock on the hiking boots work like a kind of cogwheel. To close the shoes, you turn them clockwise until the shoe fits perfectly. To open, pull the closure slightly upwards and release it counter-clockwise.

11. What does "natural shape" mean?

The natural shape describes the natural shape of the foot which is reflected in the shape of the shoe. This means that the toe of the shoe does not constrict the toes, but offers enough space. This ensures healthy growth and the toes can move freely.

12. How heavy (or light) are the shoes?

The weight of the Affenzahn shoes depends on the size and material of the shoes. You can find the weight under "Product details" on the detail page of the shoes. Simply select a size and click on the small plus next to "Product details" below the shopping basket.

13. What is the best way to take care of your Affenzahn shoes?

Additional impregnation helps to keep the shoe stain-resistant. Make sure you use a product that is suitable for Tex membranes.

14. How thick is the shoe sole?

2.5mm + 3mm tread


AffenTex Membrane

The AffenTex membrane with super powers: waterproof, breathable, keeps feet warm and dry. The microporous membrane works like a sieve. Liquid water molecules are too large for the fine pores, but in the "vapor phase" they penetrate the pores. Rain and water from outside are kept out, but sweat is transported to the outside.

3-layer principle

  1. Water repellent outer fabric
  2. Specially developed waterproof, breathable membrane
  3. Soft inner lining

Barefoot shoes or minimal shoes

Barefoot shoes and minimal shoes are in fact the same thing and it does not mean that you walk barefoot in the shoe, but you feel as if you are walking barefoot because the sole of the shoes is only as thick as necessary. In other words, as minimal as possible (hence minimal shoes).

When developing the children's shoes, the Affenzahn development and design team gave a lot of thought to the healthy development of children's feet and it is precisely with this in mind that the Affenzahn shoes were created with the minimal shoe principle.

The barefoot concept is intended to help children to move and develop freely and carefree in their environment. The children's shoes are not meant to constrict the small, delicate feet, but only offer the necessary protection they need and thus encourage the foot to develop into a healthy, strong foot.

Most of us are born with healthy feet, but the wrong footwear and the "wrong use" of our feet can lead to late consequences. This is exactly where Spiraldynamics comes in.

Special features

The Affenzahn shoes are not only barefoot shoes but also have special features that no other shoe has.

For example, almost every shoe has a right-left distinction in the form of an animal puzzle. So duck feet are guaranteed to be a thing of the past. Just look for the animal puzzle at the back and slip into the shoes.

But the most important thing is the unique design of the Affenzahn shoes. Clear and distinct colours that stand out. The fun is already pre-programmed, isn't it?

You can find all the other features on the product details page. Simply click on a shoe and the respective size and scroll down a little. Then you can fold out the function field.

Product range

  • 3x Winter Sneaker Leather Dreamer (size 31 to 37)
  • 3x Winter Sneaker Wool Dreamer (size 31 to 37)
  • 6x Low Boots Vegan Happy Knit (size 21 to 32)
  • 3x Winter Boots Vegan Comfy (size 21 to 32)
  • 3x Winter Boots Wool Comfy (Size 21 to 32)
  • 4x Snow Boots Vegan Snowy (size 21 to 32)
  • 4x Low Boots Vegan Trail Explorer (size 26 to 32)
  • 4x Barefoot Shoe Leather Buddy (size 21 to 32)
  • 5x Slipper Vegan Homie (size 21 to 32)
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