FAQs: Spring/Summer Shoe Styles

Laces or Velcro? Thin soles? Zero blast? Size ranges? We want to answer all your questions about our shoes and will update the article continuously so that you can find the most important answers here.


1. Why do the sandals have laces? Is there no velcro fastening?

Our sandals have both Velcro and laces. The laces allow the sandals to be optimally adjusted to the child's foot so that they are neither too tight nor too wide on the instep. The Velcro fastener at the heel helps to put the sandals on and take them off quickly so that they do not have to be re-laced.

2. Do the laces need to be retightened?

The new laces will stretch about 1cm after the first lacing. This is normal and you may need to re-tie the shoes a second time with a double knot.

__3. Why is there no toe cap for the sandals from size 26?

Small toes need special protection. So that children with shoe size 21 to 25 do not have to do without open shoes, we have equipped the sandals with an extra toe cap. For maximum barefoot feeling, we have dispensed the toe cap on sandals from size 26.

4. Are the sandals suitable for the Kindergarten and day care?

The sandals are suitable for kindergarten and day care, as the Velcro fastening makes them very easy to put on and take off. The laces do not have to be opened or closed to put on or take off.

5. Why are the shoes only available up to size 32?

It makes sense to distinguish three size ranges: 21-25 for walking beginners, 26-32 for younger children and 33-37 for older children. This way, the individual models can be structured and offered in a more target group-specific way. In the current summer collection we can only offer you shoes up to size 32. We are working on an extended size range for the coming autumn/winter collection so that we can also accompany kids with shoe sizes 33-37 on their adventures.

6. Are the shoes cut wide or narrow?

The width of the barefoot shoes adapts to the natural shape of the feet thanks to the use of flexible materials and can therefore also be worn by children with slightly wider feet.

__7. What are the differences between the new summer shoes?____

The Affenzahn summer shoes are suitable for everyday use and for kindergarten or the playground as well as for trips into nature.

  • Knit shoes: This shoe is made of 100% vegan materials. This is not only good for nature, it also feels great! For our upper and lining material we use bluesign certified polyester. With this, we want to achieve to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

  • Cotton sneakers: The Affenzahn barefoot shoes made of organic cotton, which we already know from last season, come in 6 different colours this spring. The outer material and lining are made of 100% organic cotton.

  • Leather shoes: They are perfect for the transition or cooler summer days and evenings. We use Terracare(R) cowhide leather processed in Germany.

  • Sandals: The mesh sections provide optimal ventilation, so children's feet are guaranteed not to sweat in the summer.

8. Are the shoes vegan?

Apart from the 3 leather sandals: lion, cat and dog, all models in the new SS21 shoe collection are vegan. The lining of the leather sandals is naturally plant tanned and undyed. The upper leather is made of terracare® certified cowhide.

9. Do the laces have a different length in the respective sizes?

The laces have different lengths according to the larger or smaller sizes.

10. Are barefoot shoes better than "normal shoes"?

Children's feet need space, freedom of movement, contact with the ground and stimuli. Healthy children's feet also do not need extra padding or insoles: The muscles want to be exercised, not supported. The best thing for children's feet is therefore to walk barefoot on soft, uneven ground. Because barefoot walking is not always possible in everyday life, barefoot shoes for children are a good compromise. They are particularly flexible, provide enough space for the toes and allow them to (feel) the ground.

11. Are barefoot shoes also suitable for children learning to walk?

Walking in barefoot shoes trains the sense of balance, strengthens the foot muscles and can prevent deformities at an early age. The monkey-tooth shoes protect the little sensitive feet from the very first steps.

12. Do you wear barefoot shoes without socks?

No, the term barefoot shoe does not refer to the way the shoes are worn, but to the barefoot feeling that the children experience when wearing the shoes. Because of the minimal sole and the natural shape, the children stand in the shoes without being constricted and feel their ground more intensively in order to develop strong foot muscles.

13. How do I proceed if my child is between two sizes?.

If your child is between two sizes, it is recommended to order the smaller shoe size for narrow feet and the next size for wide feet.

14. What does "zero blast" mean?

It indicates the difference between the thickness of the backfoot sole and the thickness of the forefoot sole of a shoe. The higher the blast, the higher the back heel. Since our children's shoes are designed according to the barefoot shoe principle, they have "zero blast". This means that the sole is flat throughout. The difference in height between toe area and heel is 0mm and therefore on the same level. This makes it almost like walking barefoot.


How to find the right size

Quickly check your shoe size in 4 steps with our printable size adviser. Always measure your foot from the heel to the longest toe.

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