Smelly Kids' shoes? Our Tips

Running around on the playground, running across the meadow, playing football in the garden: Even small feet can sweat a lot. And even the best barefoot shoes for children can smell unpleasantly at some point. Fortunately, there are some household remedies that might help.

Where does the smell in the children's shoes come from?

Even if the Affenzahn children's shoes are breathable and made of the best materials: Unpleasant odours can always develop. This is due to the bacteria that we release with the sweat and that get into the shoes. This happens with children the same way as with adults. And when it's hot outside or the kids are happily overdoing it, it gets even stronger.
This is quite normal and also happens with barefoot shoes for children. We cannot prevent it - after all, the little ones are supposed to play, run and romp in their shoes. But there are some tricks with which children's shoes quickly smell good again.

Baking Soda against the shoe smell

Baking soda is almost considered a panacea when it comes to household cleaning, and it is also a good tip in the fight against smelly shoes. The powder is simply poured into the shoe overnight, where it takes effect and absorbs odours. The next morning it should be beaten out well so that the children's feet don't get any white marks afterwards - and then the shoes smell fresh again. You can even make your own hygiene spray out of baking soda, which helps against nasty smells in shoes: it is mixed with alcohol and water. If you like, you can add a few drops of ethereal oil after choice.

Baking powder helps to dry the inner lining

Not only does baking powder have a similar effect to baking soda in cakes - it can also help against the unpleasant shoe odors. Professionals recommend filling the powder into a thin sock and putting it into the shoe overnight. This ensures that the shoes dry out from the inside. And the less moisture, the less of the worse bacteria is able to multiply. By the way, chalk or a cinnamon stick should have the same effect - you could try that too.

Into the freezer!

Putting smelly shoes in the freezer compartment? Yes, that can help. Maybe as parents you already know the trick of putting cuddly toys on ice to free them from bacteria. The principle of children's shoes is the same: Pack the shoes in a bag and put them in the freezer for about 24 hours. The cold ensures that the bacteria in the children's shoes have no chance - and the unpleasant smell disappears as well.


Fancy a lemon or lavender scent?

If you’d like to not only get rid of the unpleasant smell, but also let them smell fresh, you can go one step further: Lemon peels that are put into shoes overnight neutralise odours - at the same time they exude their own fresh aroma. Lavender twigs can also help: They should first be dried and then placed in shoes overnight. The next morning, at best, the children's shoes will no longer smell musty, but rather pleasantly like lavender.

What is the best way to clean kids' shoes?

In order to maintain these materials and their breathability for as long as possible, the Affenzahn shoes should be cared for regularly. Coarse dirt is best removed dry with a brush. In case of heavy soiling you can help with water. Then let the shoe dry at room temperature and if necessary stuff it with newspaper - please do not place it on the heater, this could harden the leather. A cleaning agent can also be used for heavier soiling. We recommend products with natural ingredients. Additional impregnation is not actually necessary, but if you want to do it anyway, make sure you use a product that is suitable for Tex membranes.

This way children's shoes stay fresh longer

Even if there are so many household remedies that work against shoe odors: It is best if such measures are necessary as rarely as possible. It is therefore important that barefoot shoes for children (just like other children's shoes) are always well ventilated. If possible, leave the shoes in the fresh air overnight and leave the fasteners open so that they are optimally ventilated.

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