Conseils et astuces

Les trucs et astuces, ou lifehacks, sont probablement un sujet important dans chaque famille, afin de rendre le quotidien familial aussi détendu que possible. Tu trouveras ici régulièrement de nouveaux articles passionnants pour tenir tes petits aventuriers en respect.


La nouvelle collection Affenzahn est arrivée ! Pour le printemps et l'été 2023, nous avons à nouveau plein de nouveautés dans nos bagages. Qu'est-ce qui est nouveau, qu'est-ce qui est différent - tu trouveras ici tout ce que tu dois savoir !
No more loops! Once the shoelace's quick-release fastener is in place, all you have to do is pull the shoelace ends and the shoes sit perfectly on the foot. But how to attach the laces? Find a step by step instruction below.
When you're out and about with bag and baggage, one challenge follows another. All the more important that you know the folllowing travel tips.
An interview with our Affenzahn Shoe Developer Judith Hörstensmeyer on: „Why childrens feet don't need cushioning in their shoes“
What does Spiral Dynamics do and what does it mean for Affenzahn? Explore here the concept of movement, which is also supported by the new Affenzahn Barefoot Shoes for kids.
When do children need pocket money? How do they understand how expensive certain things are - and that they can't buy everything at once? These tips will help you educate your kids financially.