Back in stock: Affenzahn Winter Shoes

The Affenzahn shoes are specially designed for the needs of young explorers. Due to their natural shape, they allow children's feet to grow healthily and support the development of strong foot muscles. Discover here all the other features that the new autumn and winter models have to offer.
Affenzahn_high boot_jumping_koala_tiger
Affenzahn_high boot_jumping_koala_tiger

New Affenzahn friends for your feet

Now the cold season can come. The Affenzahn kids shoes are ideal companions - even in winter! The layering principle of weatherproof materials ensures warm and dry feet. This gives the Affenzahn winter shoes real superpower, because the soft inner lining with anti-sweat foot effect also ensures that the delicate children's feet feel good all round and can develop healthily.

Shoes on and off to adventures!

No matter on which surfaces you move, the shoes take part in every adventure. The 3 mm profile of the shoe sole offers secure hold even in snow and ice, while the flat sole without cushioning is still particularly light and promotes a healthy movement. In addition, the children's shoes are of course always characterized by the Affenzahn shoe concept, where it is important to give the children's feet sufficient and healthy space for their feet. Like our first collection, they are therefore designed in such a way that their design is based on a natural shape that offers sufficient space for each individual toe.

Now the adventure can really take off

Thanks to sturdy, weatherproof materials and the layering principle, children's feet stay dry and warm even in the cold season. The waterproof and at the same time breathable membrane keeps the feet dry during every adventure and thus functions like an invisible umbrella. This is the ideal way for children's feet to defy the cold and wet weather. The soft inner lining not only ensures that the shoes are extra comfortable, but is also ideal for the coming cold temperatures. So nothing can go wrong and winter can come, right?

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If you'd like to learn more about the great features of the new shoes, watch our explanation video and discover them in action.

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